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All India test for

IBPS RRB Assistant Mains
2017 - All India Test By OnlineTyari

Date of exam

03rd November 2017

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Top Performers - View All

1. Himanshu Gupta

107.13 /200

2. Bhavna Vaibhav

101 /200

3. Praveen Sharma

101 /200

4. Ranu Tomar

93.31 /200

Frequently Asked Question

Now no registration is required for giving AITs. Once the exam gets live, you can directly click on the start tab.
Web Platform / App - When you click on the icon at the top left corner of the screen, go to My Section ----> All India Tests ----> here you can view your live exams, upcoming, attempted and missed exams. For the live exam click on start button and attempt your exam.
Web Platform / App - On the home page, click on the study tab -----> change exam -----> click on add more exams -----> select the respective exam categories -----> Choose your main exam ----> Done. Based on the exams selected, all AITs related those will be displayed under All India Tests section.
The AIT can be attempted only in the default language of your app/website.
Go to >> My Account >> Change Language >> Save.
Yes, the test can be attempted from the same Question but the time remains moving as there is no ‘pause the test’ feature.


Download the test, switch your phone to offline mode and then complete and submit it.
Yes, AIT can be attempted offline. Just download the test, switch your phone to offline mode and then you can attempt it.