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Kiran Kumari

bas ke andar ball ko uchalne se ball hath me hi girti hai..kya usme inertia kaam nahi karti hai

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Kiran Kumari, 4 months ago ago


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This hsppens due to inertia of motion.......if bus is moving wd constant velocity...

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Rohit Kumar Singh

Hath me hi girti h

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Rohit Kumar Singh, 3 months ago

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Palash Jain

If the bus is moving at a constant velocity (a constant speed in the same direction), everything on the bus seems to be unmoving, including you and the ball in your hand. That's because you and the ball and the seat you're sitting on all have the same velocity as the bus. When you throw the ball up in the air, you don't change how fast it moves forward, so it continues at the same speed as the bus and drops back into your hand. If the bus were to accelerate in any x-direction (if it increased or decreased it's speed or turned right or left) while the ball was still in the air, the ball would “move” in the opposite direction, because, not being in effective contact with the bus (the air is a non-viscous fluid, so the ball can move through it without being greatly effected), it would continue with the x-velocity it had when you first threw it, because “an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force.” And that's the basic reason. Newton's First Law.

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Palash Jain, 3 months ago

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