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gangadhar valapur

hai am interested in maths in UPSC can I take a mathematics is it good or bad please help me to come out from this question

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gangadhar valapur, 4 months ago ago



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Chandra Prakash can bro...

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Chandra Prakash, 3 months ago

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Vijay Kumar

Every optional subject in UPSC are good. Actually there is nothing good or bad in subjects. It's upon us only. Now, to select any optional subject you have to keep some points in mind. Most important… your interest. Forget what you studied in past..It will help you to some level not too much. In past you had no choice but to study the given subjects but now you have. Second is syllabus. Read and understand the syllabus of any subject you select. Have 2 or more options and compare the syllabus you will get idea. Availability of books in that particular subject. Though nowadays books are available in all subjects but still research it. Click here for more details about upsc exam pattern, study plan and all updates

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Vijay Kumar, 4 months ago

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