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harjeet dabas1433 Dabas

please suggest me best institute for bank po in Delhi

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harjeet dabas1433 Dabas, 5 months ago ago


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Vijay Kumar

Hi Dear, You can prepare it without coaching. Prepare first from the important topics and keep the unimportant topics to be prepared for the end. Work hard with regular practice. Clear your basic concepts and practice questions from your weak areas adequately. Spend some time pondering on how to increase speed in the exam. Some of the important topics in Quant you can first deal with are: -Simple Equations -Percentage change with maximum focus on Data Interpretation blocks (Pie charts, Bar Graphs). Focus must be on percentage increase and decrease. -Number systems (LCM, HCF, prime no., natural no., etc) -Averages -Time Work -Geometry and mensuration. Try to be good in Quant and will suggest you to work on this section first out of all. Give at-least 5-7 hours daily and prepare sincerely on it. No doubt give as many mocks you can. they will help you alot, Click here to start practice now : Good Luck!

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Vijay Kumar, 4 months ago

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