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nivesh sharma

Two pipes can separately fill a tank in 20 hrs and 30 hrs respectively. Both the pipes are opened to fill the tank but when tank is 1/3 full a leak is developed in the tank through which 1/3 of water supplied by both the tank leak out. What is total time taken to fill the tank?

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nivesh sharma, 4 months ago ago



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prapesh Kumar Sahu

12 hours for the remaining 2/3 of tank to be filled. If it is asked total fill the tank it will be 16 hours. Assume the two pipes fill at 18 units and 12 units per hour and the tank capacity is 360 units. After 120 units filled up the leak developed drains 1/3 of combined out put that is 10 units iutnof 30 units. The net output of both the pipes after one third tank is gilled is 20 units. 2/3 of tank is to be filled so it will take 12 hours fill 240 units. But over all it will take 12+ 4 = 16 hours to fill the tank completey

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prapesh Kumar Sahu, 3 months ago

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