RBI Exam

As the central bank of the country, the RBI is the one of the architects of the nation's economy and its decisions touch everyday lives of all Indians.

From ensuring stability of interest rates and exchange rates to providing adequate liquidity for productive sectors and ensuring adequate supply of currency, the Reserve Bank of India also monitors flow of credit to desired sectors and ensures orderly development of financial markets and institutions. Through a wide range of functions, the Reserve Bank of India contributes to nation-building.

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RBI provides one of the most intense training inputs and facilities at its own training establishments and outside.

Incentives for self-development include scholarships to acquire higher qualifications, facility to pursue your own research, deputation to other institutions, participation in national and international level conferences and seminars and sabbatical.

RBI conducts recruitment examination for the following posts:

RBI Assistant:

Being an assistant in RBI is pretty much the same as in other public sector organizations. The job profile includes the file work, data entry, replying to mails, making RTI applicants happy, and inward and outward mail entry.

RBI Grade B Officer:

The Grade B Officers in the RBI work as foot-soldiers working out through the day to day activities in the bank maintaining the cash inflow and maintenance of order in the bank. They also are responsible for the overlook of swift functioning of the member banks of under the RBI in the country.

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