Celebrating 1 Crore Student Community: Your Chance to Win POCO F1 Mobile

Celebrating 1 Crore Student Community: Your Chance to Win POCO F1 Mobile

Celebrating 1 Crore Student Community | Your Chance to Win POCO F1 Mobile: OnlineTyari is proud to announce that we are now a community of 10,009,418 Students. On this huge celebration, OnlineTyari brings you an opportunity to win POCO F1 Mobile. Yes, you heard it right!! But how you will do it? Find out the simple instructions to bring home a POCO F1 by reading conditions below

Contest Period

  • Anybody subscribing to TyariPLUS between from Feb 24th to 28th Feb 2019.

Contest Flow: The Must Do’s For The Contest

  • Practice with More Tests (More attempts, higher your chances of winning the contest)
  • Take highest no. of Exam Based Mock tests between 24th Feb to 6 March (You can attempt tests of any exam)
  • At least 10 mock tests should be taken in between this duration
  • At least 50 % of question should be “attempted” in each test

How Can You Become A Winner?

  • Help your friends to practice for their exam with OnlineTyari (Increase your chances by referring TyariPLUS Subscription Plan)
  • Refer TyariPLUS to at least 10 friends. You get more points when your friends join TyariPLUS!
  • Share your test scores on Social Media with #OnlineTyari

What are the Rewards & Recognition You Will Receive From This Contest?

As promised to you, the winner will receive a Poco F1 (worth Rs 19999)

*Just a humble reminder, the contest will last only for 5 Days (24th Feb to 28th Feb)

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