3rd JPSC Prelims 2008: Detailed Exam Analysis

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008: Detailed Exam Analysis

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008: The Jharkhand Public Service Commission(JPSC) is conducted every year across the state of Jharkhand. The primary aim is to select eligible candidates for administrative services related to different cadre in various departments.

JPSC had conducted the same examination in the year 2008. Our article on JPSC Prelims Exam analysis 2008 will help aspirants to get a flavour of the nature of the questions asked in 3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 examination.


3rd JPSC Prelims Exam Topics 2008

For this exam, it is mandatory for the candidates to clear 2 stages which are namely, (i) Preliminary Exam, (ii) Mains Exam. Only the candidates who will be able to qualify in both these exams (as per the cut-off) will be eligible to apply for the interview. Hence, it becomes very important for the candidates who have applied for the JPSC exam this year to have a detailed knowledge about previous year’s exam papers so as to attain a better understanding about which topics are important and are more frequently asked. By doing this, they can lead their preparation in the right order and direction. Therefore, to help you with this and save your valuable time, we are going to analyze the 3rd JPSC Prelims organized in 2008 in detail. Firstly, let us take a look at the topics around which the prelims exam was based,

  • History
  • Economy
  • Indian Polity
  • Geography
  • Environment and Biodiversity
  • General Science
  • Mathematics
  • Jharkhand GK
  • Reasoning
  • Current Affairs
  • Computers


3rd JPSC Prelims 2008: Exam Analysis

The 3rd JPSC Preliminary Exam comprised of a total of 100 questions and the questions were distributed among various topics. The distribution of questions specific to each topic has been discussed by the medium of this bar chart below.JPSC 2008

Here, it becomes very clear that maximum number of questions were put up from General Science. Otherwise too General Science serves as a crucial part in various state-level government entrance exams. Also, note that a good deal of questions was asked from geography and history. Generally, a candidate appearing for state exams is expected to be familiar with the historical and geographical features of the particular state. Most of the questions from geography and history section were specific to the state of Jharkhand. Almost half the paper comprised of questions from these 3 topics. By observing this trend, we can easily deduce that these are extremely important subjects from examination point of view.

Now, we are going to shift our focus to the section-wise distribution to analyze the number of questions asked from each topic of the concerned subject in decreasing order. As the maximum number of questions was asked from General science, we will begin with this topic.

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 Exam Analysis: General Science

A total of 20 questions were asked from this subject which is the highest among all the other subjects. The topics included under this subject mainly are, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.General Science

By referring to the pie chart above, we can conclude that the most number of questions were asked from biology i.e. 11, followed by Chemistry and Physics.

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 Exam Analysis: Geography

The second maximum questions were asked from the geography section. The total number of questions was 15.Geography

This subject is divided into 3 sections respectively,

  • Indian Geography- 8 questions
  • Physical Geography- 4 questions
  • World Geography- 3 questions

Most of the questions were asked from Indian Geography specific to the state of Jharkhand.

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 Exam Analysis: History

The number of questions from this section were 14. This subject is further divided into 3 sections- Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India. The weightage of these sections will be highlighted in the char below.History

We can easily make out that on an average all the 3 topics hold similar weightage.

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 Exam Analysis: Jharkhand GK

General Knowledge is not far behind in the run for the most number of questions. This topic constitutes to be one of the crucial subjects in the JSSC Prelims exam. A total of 11 questions appeared in the exam related to state-based knowledge. Questions were mostly based on the industrial establishment of Jharkhand.

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 Exam Analysis: Current Affairs

One can always expect a good deal of questions from this subject. In the JPSC Prelims 2008, 9 questions were asked from topics like International Events, National Events, Sports, Awards. Let us see the section-wise distribution through a pie chart.Current Affairs

The questions were more inclined towards the national and international current affairs, sports events and famous personalities like Nafisa Ali, etc.

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 Exam Analysis: Indian Polity

A total of 8 questions appeared in the question paper which were exclusively based on these 2 sections:

Name of Topic Number of Questions
Articles and Amendments in Constitution 5
System of Government 3

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 Exam Analysis: Economics

A total of 6 questions was seen in the prelims exam which were of moderate difficulty level.

3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 Exam Analysis: Mathematics and Reasoning

Although a good deal of questions is usually expected from this topic but in the year 2008 not many questions were put up from this subject.

Name of Topic Number of Questions
Mathematics 7
Reasoning 4
  • The questions from Mathematics had a moderate difficulty level and were largely from topics like, Percentage, Areas and Volumes and, Ratio and Proportion.
  • In Reasoning, the questions were quite easy.

Generally, pattern of a previous year’s exam gives us a brief insight on what to expect during the actual exam.

So, here we conclude our article on 3rd JPSC Prelims Exam Analysis 2008. If you have any queries/ doubts, post them in the comment section below. Stay connected for more information regarding JPSC Recruitment 2016-17. To excel in State Exams, download the Best State Exam Preparation App for free.

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