4th JPSC Prelims 2011: Detailed Exam Analysis

4th JPSC Prelims 2011: Detailed Exam Analysis

4th JPSC Prelims 2011: The Jharkhand Public Service Commission(JPSC) is conducted every year across the state of Jharkhand. The primary aim is to select eligible candidates for administrative services related to different cadre in various departments.

JPSC had conducted the same examination in the year 2011. Our article on JPSC Prelims Exam analysis 2011 will help aspirants to get a flavour of the nature of the questions asked in 4th JPSC Prelims 2011 examination.


JPSC Exam: Selection Criteria

The Jharkhand Public Services Commission conducts the Jharkhand Civil Services Exam for selection of candidates to various state-level administrative services. It is one of the most prestigious and respected state government jobs. The recruitment process is a two-stage process,

  1. Preliminary Exam,
  2. Mains Exam

A candidate is only allowed to appear for the mains, if he/she has cleared the prelims. And to get recruited, it is mandatory for the candidates to qualify both these exams. So, in order to make the most of this golden opportunity, we are here to help you out with your preparation by discussing some previous year’s papers. In this article, we are specifically going to highlight and elaborate on the JPSC Prelims exam conducted in the year 2011. Let us begin with the detailed analysis and take each and every point into consideration.


4th JPSC Prelims 2011: Subject- Wise Distribution of Questions

The prelims exam comprised of questions from various subjects that are further segregated into different topics and sections. The subject-wise distribution of the same is described as follows:

Name of Subject Number of Questions
History 13
Economy 4
Indian Polity 8
Geography 22
General Science 24
Mathematics 5
Jharkhand GK 6
Reasoning 3
Current Affairs & Static Affairs 15

To provide you with a clearer perspective, let us see a simple bar graph that will depict the weightage of questions from each subject.JPSC 2011

Here, we can effortlessly make out that the maximum number of questions were asked from General Science followed by Geography which has been a trend through almost all the JPSC Prelims. From a total of 100 questions, around 46 questions were from these two subjects only. A good deal of questions has been asked from topics like current affairs and history too. In fact, the number of questions seems to be fairly distributed among all subjects. These 4 subjects constitute for more than 70 percent of the entire paper which is huge. So, one must pay special and extra attention to these subjects as it is practically next to impossible to score well in the prelims without having a steady hold and command over these subjects. Now, let us divert our attention towards the section-wise weightage relevant to each subject.


4th JPSC Prelims 2011: Sectional Analysis

The 4rd JPSC Prelims 2011 Exam comprised of a total of 100 questions and the questions were distributed among various topics. The distribution of questions specific to each section has been discussed below:

4th JPSC Prelims 2011 Exam Analysis: History

About 13 questions were asked from this section. The difficult level of the questions asked was moderate, neither too easy nor too difficult. Also, in JPSC Prelims 2011, there were no questions from the topic of Ancient History. Let us take a look at the distribution of questions by the following pie chart:History 2011

4th JPSC Prelims 2011 Exam Analysis: Economy and Indian Polity

For Economy: Only 4 questions were asked from this section which were relatively easy as compared to the others.

For Indian Polity: The main topics that were covered under this section are as follows,

  • Indian Polity and System of Governance
  • Five-Year Plans
  • Indian Constitution and Articles

A good deal of 8 questions was asked from these topics and the difficulty level for the same was moderate.

4th JPSC Prelims 2011 Exam Analysis: Geography

This is the subject from where a large number of questions was asked. Candidates must try to pay more attention to this topic as it will help you build your overall score in the prelims. We are going to discuss the sections that are important from the examination point of view by the means of this pie chart below:Geography 2011

We can clearly see that a major portion of questions in geography was based on the Indian Geography, closely followed by Physical Geography. Also, make note that the questions were more focused on the geography of Jharkhand as this is a state-based examination.

4th JPSC Prelims 2011 Exam Analysis: General Science

The maximum number of questions i.e. 24 seen in the prelims 2011 were from this subject. In fact, General Science is usually a very significant part of most of the public sector exams these days and the JPSC Prelims 2011 isn’t an exception to it. This has been a trend for almost all the JPSC Prelims. So, this is one subject that you definitely cannot ignore if you wish to qualify the prelims. Hence, candidates must make it a priority in their course of preparation. Let us see the sectional weightage through this pie chart:General Science 2011

The maximum number of questions is from biology and physics which has been a pattern in previous JPSC papers as well.

4th JPSC Prelims 2011 Exam Analysis: Current Affairs and Static Affairs

A good deal of questions was asked from this subject which can further be classified into sections.

Sectional Weightage: Current Affairs and Static Affairs
National and International Current Affairs 6
Books and Authors, Sports Static Affairs, and Awards (Famous Personalities) 9

4th JPSC Prelims 2011 Exam Analysis: Mathematics and Reasoning

A total of 8 questions were asked from these subjects, 5 from Mathematics and 3 from Reasoning. The questions from Reasoning were mostly based on topics like,

  • Blood Relations,
  • Color Coding, and,
  • Jumble Words.

The questions from both these subjects were relatively easy and were more of elementary level questions.

4th JPSC Prelims 2011 Exam Analysis: Jharkhand GK

A total of 6 questions were asked from this topic with a motive to test their knowledge about their state. There were many tricky questions in the exam to check if a candidate has not crammed and is actually completely informed about the events in Jharkhand. For example, “How many J’s are there in the logo of Jharkhand?” and “Which city is the Shimla of Jharkhand?”.

We hope that this article is going to be helpful to you in your preparation. You can also refer to our previous article on detailed exam analysis for the 3rd JPSC Prelims 2008 for more reference. If you have any queries/ doubts, post them in the comment section below.

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