7 Common Myths About UPSC IAS Examination. Don’t Follow These Practices!

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7 Common Myths About UPSC IAS Examination. Don’t Follow These Practices! Clearing the UPSC IAS examination is a dream of many students or aspirants. Evidently, with their ongoing preparation, they are lured into many myths or misbeliefs every now and then. Listed below are some of the most common myths, we would personally suggest you to avoid.

7 Common Myths About UPSC IAS Examination. Don’t Follow These Practices!

Myth 1: A UPSC Aspirant Must Know Everything!

A well known and virally spread myth among UPSC aspirants- “Must know everything about every topic”. I mean seriously, how is anyone supposed to know everything. We are humans, not robots! But, since this is a generalistic exam, it is certainly true that UPSC aspirant must have a little idea about the most raised up or trending topics. As a UPSC aspirant, you must only have a general idea about topics and a certain clarity on related issues to it. So, if you have a general idea about topics like GDP and GNP, it is good enough. If you have full knowledge, then it’s awesome. So make sure to know the most important points of the most asked questions in the exam. Try figuring them by attempting previous year papers.

Myth 2: You Need to Be a Topper!

Well, there are lots of aspirants, and it’s a fact that only one person can have an AIR-1. But, the stress of becoming number one, makes many aspirants stress-ridden. Therefore, focus on clearing the exam; knowing the topics that may be asked in the exam and following your timetable religiously, rather than putting a burden on your head. Also, as a general aspirant focus more on areas like general awareness, writing skills and logical reasoning. If you scored less and ranked 2nd or less in your 10th or 12th, but have all these skills, then the only question you would be asked in your interview is, “Why did you score less?”

Myth 3: Coaching is A Necessity!

Another common myth among UPSC aspirants- “Exam can’t be cracked without coaching!” This is as false as it sounds. You can do self-study and prepare for your exam on your own. There is no requirement of attending lectures or classes at any centre. With the availability of content on YouTube and online PDFs, you can learn at your own will. Attend LIVE youtube classes by experts dealing in the subject on daily basis and clear your doubts. Download FREE PDFs on important topics or subject of UPSC IAS, and learn them to excel in your exams. Practice online mock tests to know your aptitude level. With that being said, why not start your preparation right away.

Myth 4: Writing Cannot Be Improved!

Some might be aware of this myth, while some might not, but this evidently is very common among UPSC IAS aspirants. If you are currently a UPSC IAS 2019 aspirant, then you must have come across it or might come across it in the near future. Writing is a skill which is developed over a period of time, just like any other skill. It requires persistent practice. Also, writing at home and writing in a real exam might differ because of the time boundations. However, the best practice to improve your writing skill is to write about a topic more than once.

The first time you read and re-write an article you must be thinking a million ways to rewrite it, but the next time you would definitely know the exact points to be included in your article. Secondly, if you rewrite an article, you can also test your knowledge. How? Once you have written your article for the second time, compare it to the original article and mark points you missed out and your own points separately. This will help you not only to memorize important points of an article, but also the points you missed out because we always remember our faults.

Myth 5: Attempt At Least 90 Questions to Clear The Exam

With so many hacks floating in the market, it becomes far easier to get confused with hacks, rather than remember the correct points or facts. Therefore, a good suggestion from my end would be to focus on the topics or important points of the topic rather than any hack. This will help you to attain more marks in the exam. Also, focusing on attaining 90 or 90+ marks might be a little difficult with the help of hacks, but not with the help of points or facts. Therefore, focus on the method of your preparation. Also, don’t just focus on attempting 90 question. Focus more on attempting maximum questions with the right answer, since you already know the important facts or figures.

Myth 6: The More You Study, The More You Score

Another misleading myth among UPSC IAS aspirants! Often aspirants are told to study at least 16 hours a day to clear the exam. This is certainly not true. The focus should never be the number of hours, it should be the material that one is studying. Gaining correct knowledge from the correct sources will evidently lead you to your success in UPSC IAS 2019 exam. A UPSC IAS aspirant can get all the important current affairs of the day by watching live sessions on YouTube or just by downloading FREE PDFs. This will also help to save their daily time and get them enough time to relax too.

Myth 7: Cover Common Books From Cover To Cover

If you have attended classes at a coaching centre, they really focus on covering important books from cover to cover. This is as lame as it sounds in its totality. A better way would be to adopt a topic-wise approach, rather than just mugging up each topic. Also, mugging is never helpful, as there are chances of forgetting mugged up content when in stress. Secondly, be more understanding about the topic and you will never forget it. Once you understand the key issues of any topic, you can summarize it and explain it in the right way. Make mind maps, notes and underline with highlights. After all, it’s a personal book, which will always come handy to you.

To summarize, I hope that you clear your UPSC IAS Prelims 2019, by using the right practices, which you will always remember. Also, you can use these practices to help others understand the topics, rather than just learning the important points.

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