80+ Days Study Plan for IAS Prelims Examination 2018

80+ Days Study Plan for IAS Prelims Examination 2018

80+ Days Study Plan for IAS Prelims Examination 2018: The most competitive civil services recruitment paper, UPSC IAS Civil Services Exam is just a few months away. IAS recruitment examination is regarded as one of the most challenging papers of the country.

Millions of aspirants appear for the Civil Services Examination every year. As of now, IAS Prelims 2018 is scheduled on 3rd June 2018. All you need is a right guidance and a study plan that boosts your confidence day by day and helps you stay focused till you achieve your dream. When you are under the right guidance, the efforts you put will definitely yield results. With 80+ Days left for IAS Prelims, OnlineTyari is going to share IAS Prelims 2018 Study Plan to make you go with the flow.


80+ Days Study Plan for IAS Prelims Examination 2018

After going through top rankers’ theories very closely and interacting with them on a regular basis, we have discovered that only dedicated, consistent and focused efforts will bear results.

IAS Preparation has always been one hell of a challenge for a candidate, now not more! Trying this mock test will definitely help you prepare efficiently for the upcoming examination.

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Over here, we have built a detailed study plan for every section of the test. Further, section wise compilation of topics has also been mentioned. Please be rest assured, there is enough time to prepare for IAS Prelims 2018. The need of the hour is to carefully structure and review our “Study Plan”. Let us assume (for the greater good) that you study for 7 hours a day (less than that may put you in fix). That leaves us with a total of 80+ days before the ‘D Day’.  Please go through subject wise bifurcation of days to have a strategy in place:

Total Number of Days 86
Days dedicated towards History and Art & Culture Preparation 15 Day
Days dedicated towards Geography Preparation 12 Day
Days dedicated towards Polity Preparation 12 Day
Days dedicated towards Economy Preparation 11 Day
Days dedicated towards Environment Preparation 10 Day
Days dedicated towards Science & Technology Preparation 8 Day
Days dedicated towards Current Affairs Preparation 18 Day


Breaking IAS Prelims Study Plan 2018, let us initiate with History and Art & Culture section.

History and Art & Culture (15 Days)

Out of 100 questions asked in CSAT paper I, it can clearly be observed that 15-20 questions have consistently been asked from the Indian History and Art & Culture Section that accounts for atleast 30-40 marks.

Before we take it further, here’s a brief analysis of Preliminary Exam conducted over the past few years. This blueprint will help you ascertain the weightage allocated to Indian history over the past few years and show you the corresponding trend:

Year Indian History Art & Culture
 2013  5  10
 2014  5  15
 2015  13  4
 2016  12  3
 2017  11  3

Focus area in Indian History and Art & Culture:

Most of the History questions asked in IAS Preliminary Examination usually comes from “Modern India and Art & Culture”.

It has also been observed that “Medieval Indian History & Ancient Indian History” doesn’t constitute a major part in terms of the number of questions asked.


Specific Area 

Days (15)

Ancient History

Pre-Historic period, Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic Period, Buddhism and Jainism, Mauryan Empire, Pre Guptas, Guptas and South Indian Empire


Medieval History

The Delhi Sultanates, Mughal Empire, Provincial dynasties, and Bhakti Movemant


Modern History

British Administration, British conquests and Indian reactions, British economic policy, Religious and Social Reform Movements, Freedom struggle, Famous Personality


Art & Culture

Ancient , Medieval and Modern art, architecture, dance ,drama and Music


Does History Confuse you? Now not more, Try this Practice paper and Improve your Knowledge

Geography (12 days)

Here, Indian Geography is given more weightage in comparison to “The World Geography” in the Preliminary Examination.

Before we take it further, here’s a brief analysis of Preliminary Exam conducted over the past few years. Look at the numbers and analyse the weightage allocated to Geography over the past few years:

 Year  Geography
 2013 15
 2014 20
 2015 14
2016 12
 2017 10

Focus area in Geography:


Specific Area

Days (12)

Indian Geography

Physiography, River Systems, Climate, Mineral, Soil, Agriculture, Human Geography, Natural Vegetation


World Geography

The Earth and the Universe, Landform, Atmosphere, Wind System, Clouds and Precipitation, Hydrosphere and Different Climatic types


Geography is not difficult now! Try this Practice paper and Improve your Knowledge

Indian Polity (12 Days)

Indian Polity is a must read for all Civil Services Aspirants. A significant number of questions are asked from this particular section.

Look at the numbers and analyse the weightage allocated to this section over the past few years:

 Year Indian Polity
 2013 18
 2014 11
 2015 13
2016 12
 2017 20

Focus area in Indian Polity:


Specific Area

Days (13)

Indian Polity

Constituent Assembly, States and Citizenship, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive Principles, President and Parliament, Judiciary, CAG, Governor and State Legislature, State -Central Relationships, Local government, UPSC, Election commission,  Constitutional Amendments


Crack Indian Polity section!! Take the below given Mock test and ace in your exam.

Economy (11 Days)

The number of questions asked from the Indian Economy section ranges from 12-21 in number.

Have a look and ascertain the weightage allocated to Indian Economy in the Exam Paper since 2013.

 Year Economy
 2013 18
 2014 12
 2015 13
2016 21
 2017 22

Focus area in Economy:


Specific Area

Days (11)


Introduction to Economics, Poverty, Inequality and Unemployment, Money and Banking Systems, Fiscal Policy and Budget, Taxation, Planning, Market,  Public Sector Public Sector Units, External Sector/Foreign Trade, International Economic Organisations, Economic Survey,  Social Development, Poverty and Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives


Attempting this mock test will enhance your chances to get success in real Exam

Environment (10 Days)

From last few years, a good number of questions are asked from environment related topics in the Civil Services Preliminary Exam.

Now, let us look at IAS Prelims Exams conducted over the past few years and analyse the trend around “Ecology, Environment, Biodiversity & Climate Change” section:

 Year Environment
 2013 22
 2014 31
 2015 13
2016 10
 2017 11

Focus area in Environment:


Specific Area

Days (10)


General issues on Environmental Ecology, Pollution, Bio-diversity, Conservation, Sustainable Development, Ecologically sensitive areas, Climate Change, International Organizations, Treaties and Conventions, and Current Environmental Issues.


Mix appropriate strategy with a pinch of  best recommended study materials and you will be served success !!!!

Science & Technology (8 Days)

Science and Technology is an important part of IAS Prelims. These are mostly analytical questions that show up in this section.

Here is the detailed account of the number of questions on Science and Technology in IAS Prelims Examination over the years:

 Year Science & Technology
 2013 13
 2014 5
 2015 6
2016 9
 2017 10

Focus area in Science & Technology:


Specific Area

Days (8)

Science  and Technology

Force and Energy, Dispersion in nature, Spectrum, Total Internal Reflection, Refraction, Surface tension and capillary actions, heat and light, Elements in nature, Nuclear Energy, Properties of elements and compounds, Terms like Antioxidant, Isotopes and Artificial Rains, Cell biology,Photosynthesis in Plants, Carbohydrates and Proteins, Blood group, DNA sequence, DNA Fingerprinting, Diseases like TB, Cholera, Foot and Mouth and Ebola etc, Stem Cells, Viruses and bacteria, Minerals and Vitamins, Technologies in news by Indian agencies like DRDO & CSIR ,Difference between Near Field Communication, Wi-fi, Wi-Max and Blue-tooth, Latest trends in technology like CFL and LED, Blu-Ray Discs and DVD, HD , Plasma TV, Wi-fi, Wi-Max, GSM, CDMA etc, Genetic Engineering, Satellites and Orbits,   Physical and Virtual Network and related concepts like VPN, WAN, LAN, router and hub, NFC, Wi-fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth etc.

NOTE: If you are from science stream or you have interest in the subject then focus on each topic from the syllabus otherwise if you don’t feel that you should spend much time on this, then it is advised to go through Biology and upgraded terminology related to science and tech.



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Current Affairs (18 Days)

The importance of current affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam varies each year. Here is the detailed account on the number of questions on Current Affairs in IAS Prelims Examination over the years:

 Year Current Affairs
 2013 20
 2014 14
 2015 17
2016 18
 2017 7

Focus area in Current Affairs:


Specific Area

Days (19)

Current Affairs

Topics of national and international importance. This means questions related to subjects like Economy, Polity, Sc. Tech or International Relations will have current relevance.


Mug up the current affairs for the previous 10-12 months. Any major event that has happened needs to be studied in totality. Also, Prepare handy notes from different sources like Newspapers, Government publications eg. India Year Book, Economic Survey, Magazines like Yojana & Kurukshetra etc.


IAS Prelims Examination 2018 General Studies Paper 1: Preparation Tips

Here are some tips which you should incorporate into your IAS Prelims study plan 2018 to crack UPSC in the final months:

Get acquainted with the Exam requirements

IAS Prelims exam tests the endurance of a candidate, hence a candidate should first mentally acquaint himself/herself with the requirements of the Exam. The main limitation that a candidate often faces is the restricted time. A candidate has to answer about 100 questions in 120 minutes, so on an average one gets around 40 seconds for each question. Hence, try to align your strategy accordingly.

Stick to Single Source

One of the most important things to crack Prelims is to have a conceptual clarity. The questions asked in the paper are of 10+2 level and therefore, the books of this level should be read diligently to gain conceptual clarity, which means gaining an insight of what the concept conveys (its origin, merit, demerit), and how it is inter-related with other related concepts or related subjects or other subjects. Candidates are requested to stick to single source from day 1, moving to other source will create confusion and it will be difficult for you to concentrate.

Implement A Proper Section Wise Strategy

We have shared this in the above part of the article and we are sure that you won’t be having any difficulty cracking the exam.

Solve previous years and model question papers

The exam is all about applying the logic in choosing the right option among the given four options as mugging up concepts won’t take you further than solving only 20 questions which are direct questions.

Reaching the right option can be best achieved through the method of elimination, which is nothing but eliminating the least relevant option.  This can only be applied if one has made concerted efforts to solve as many as previous years and model question papers possible within the stipulated time.

Analyse your Performance after Each Mock Test

The key to success is Practice. Try to start atleast 3 months before any national level examination. This will give you ample time for both practice and revision. But if you are a late beginner, make sure you dedicate the remaining time attempting mock tests and practice papers.

And do not forget to do the main exercise – Self Analysis. You need to rate your performance and see where you need improvement. Even if you are able to cover the essential mistakes, chances of cracking IAS Prelims 2018 Exam will increase exponentially.

Keep Calm and Believe in Yourself

You need a calm mind to score well to ace in IAS prelims. Hence, Stop stressing about the so called ‘expected difficulty level’ of the examination. If the difficulty level is tough, it will be for everyone – not just you! So stay calm during the time of examination and try to perform at the best of your abilities.

Now you are ready with all the essentials needed to be in IAS Mains 2018 Merit List. We wish you all the best for the upcoming IAS Prelims Examination.

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges

We hope that this article on 100 Day Study Plan for IAS Prelims 2018 will help you to formulate your preparation scheme and score well in the real Examination. Stay connected for more information regarding UPSC IAS Recruitment 2018. To excel in IAS Exams, download the Best UPSC IAS Exam Preparation App for free.

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