9 common mistakes you should avoid on Examination Day

9 common mistakes you should avoid on Examination Day

9 common mistakes you should avoid on Examination Day: Let us assume that your exam day is now only a few hours away and your stress level is at an all-time high. You’ve studied for months, sacrificed a lot of leisure time and revised every ounce of detail which has been marked important. Yet, you are confused if you’ll make it through.

Relax! Take a deep breath.

Exam Day Fever is common to every age group and there is barely a handful of people who never contract it. You are not alone. But one thing every test candidate must remember is not elevating it to committing any Exam Day Mistakes.


9 Common Mistakes you should avoid on Examination Day

The Exam is a challenge for everyone. A lot of candidates succumb to their fears and end up making a few horrendous exam day mistakes. These mistakes might be the difference between getting shortlisted or rejected.


Since every single mark matters in a competitive examination, you need to look for these most commonly occurring exam day mistakes and avoid them at any cost. 

Mistake #1 – Inadequate Sleep before Exam Day

Most teenagers in their early 20s ignore the importance of maintaining a proper sleep cycle. The productivity of a human brain varies if the sleeping habits are inconsistent. Hence, make sure you squeeze in atleast 7 hours of sleep the day before an examination. This will refresh your memory and also give you confidence, which you most definitely need to avoid committing any exam day mistake.         

Mistake #2 – Packing Carelessly

Before going to bed, make sure you have packed properly all the stationery items and documents like ID Card, Admit Card and Hall Ticket. You will definitely avoid a huge commotion in the examination room by carrying your own pen and pencil. Asking others for resources in the examination hall most definitely goes on the exam day mistakes list.

Mistake #3 – Lack on Nutritious Diet

Everybody loves junk food. A lot of people treat themselves nicely day before the exam with Pizza, Pasta and a ton of Bakery Items. This is an exam day mistake you should definitely avoid. Such food items might cause drowsiness, fatigue or acidity, which most definitely will affect your performance on the day of examination. Try and consume a light meal, full of nutritious content and Vitamin C.     

Mistake #4 – Cramming

Every aspirant will try and squeeze in every bit of information before the countdown hits zero. This is most definitely the worst decision any test taker can make one day before an examination. The Final Day should be a balanced one where you devote time relaxing and soothing your mind rather than mugging new concepts. Avoid cramming one day before the exam.   

Mistake #5 – Excess Caffeine Intake

This exam day mistake requires its own section. A lot of test takers consume large amounts of caffeine before entering the examination hall. The coffee intake might give you an initial boost but it will make you drowsy and cranky as you proceed attempting questions in the examination paper. Your overall performance will be greatly affected. 

Mistake #6 – Getting Tensed over Trivial Matters

Clear your head. There might be matters bothering you before and after the examination, like family issues, girlfriend/ boyfriend problems. All of it can be handled after the examination ends. Try to block out such moments and focus solely on the examination paper.   

Mistake #7 – Skipping the Important Exam Guidelines

You have followed the drill a thousand times. Do not commit the exam day mistake of skipping the examination guidelines. These guidelines contain mark denominations, marking scheme and all the rules and regulations which should be followed throughout the course of an examination. There might be a few changes which you shouldn’t skip at any cost.  

Mistake #8 – Not following a Pre-Planned Strategy

A pre-planned strategy is a must. But as soon as the exam commences, a lot of candidates get confused and end up answering questions haphazardly rather than following a systematic format. It is necessary to scan through the entire test paper before you begin attempting the question paper. So, do not commit this exam day mistake as it might cost you a seat in your preferred institute or company.              

Mistake #9 – Overthinking

Sometimes it is advisable to let go and let your faith do all the work. Candidates who succumb to peer and family pressure, end up making an exam day mistake which cannot be ignored. Avoid overthinking at all costs.

That’s all for the Day! Keep these pointers in your mind to avoid to avoid Failure.

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