How to Attempt DMRC Examination 2017: Do’s & Don’ts

How to Attempt DMRC Examination 2017: Do's & Don'ts

How to Attempt DMRC Examination 2017:  DMRC, popularly known as Delhi Metro serves Delhi and the NCR regions. Delhi metro is the world’s thirteenth largest metro system in terms of length and also a member of Nova group of metros. DMRC is going to conduct exam for various posts from 14th Feb to 28th Feb 2017.

Over here, we are providing some Do’s & Don’ts on how to Attempt DMRC examination. Maximise your skills by going through these highlighted pointers for the upcoming examination.


How to Attempt DMRC Examination: Do’s & Don’ts

To ensure better chances of cracking DMRC 2017, we are here providing some Do’s & Don’ts for the upcoming examination.

Do’s for DMRC Examination 2017

  • Prioritize the Syllabus as per the Previous Year Based Important Topics as per your Trade.
  • List down few topics that cover the Maximum in English Portion and Start preparing for the same.
  • Try to solve grouped questions which come with 4-5 sub-questions as students can score 4-5 marks in one go.
  • Understand, Practice and Clear the Concept accordingly by practice and Learning.

DMRC CRA Mock Test Series

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  • Candidates should incorporate and practice time management. It is the best if you learn time management.
  • Make a study schedule starting with topics you don’t know at all and then mix it up with one familiar topic.
  • Analyzing the Previous Year Paper and Creating the Concepts will be the biggest tool towards your Success.

DMRC CRA Best Books

Delhi Metro CRA Recruitment Practice Papers

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  • Work on your speed. Practice more to improve your speed. Every time you solve a question put yourself on a timer and try to beat your score each time you do it.

Don’ts for DMRC Examination 2017

  • Do not procrastinate while attempting the written exam. Concentrate.
  • We advice you not to waste your time on difficult or time taking questions as one can score high by solving easy questions.
  • Do not change your strategy at the last minute. Also, If you’ve worked on your own strategy previously, do not stray away from it just for a few more marks.
  • You need to focus on your strengths and manage to maximize your accuracy rather than attempts. Also, Getting Correct Answers will definitely help in boosting your confidence.
  • Do not get nervous if the difficulty level of exam is high. Remember, it will be challenging for all and the overall cutoff will vary accordingly.
  • Do not finish the written exam without revising. There might a few corrections

Here we conclude our article on How to Attempt DMRC Exam 2017. Have faith in your preparation and you will persevere.

We hope these DMRC Exam tips gives you both direction as well as motivation to stay focused on a right path. Stay connected for more information regarding Delhi Metro Recruitment 2016. To excel in Railway Examinations, download the Best Railways Exam Preparation App for free.

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