How to Attempt RPSC RAS Prelims 2016

How to attempt RPSC RAS Prelims 2016

How to Attempt RPSC RAS Prelims 2016: The Recruitment Examination for Rajasthan Administrative Services will be conducted this weekend i.e. 28 August (Sunday). We hope all aspirants are confident about their preparation level. As our final preparation tip before the examination day, here is a detailed note on how to attempt RPSC RAS Prelims 2016 and maximise your score for advancing to the next round.

Let us revisit the exam pattern for RPSC RAS Prelims one last time and then go straight towards last minute preparation tips.


RPSC RAS Prelims Exam Pattern 2016 

As discussed in detail in our earlier post on RAS Exam Pattern, the Preliminary Examination will consist of one paper on the subjects – General Knowledge and General Science, which will be Objective MCQ based and carry a maximum of 200 marks.  

RPSC RAS 2016 Syllabus and Exam PatternRead: RPSC RAS Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2016

The paper will have 150 questions carrying equal marks each. Also, there will be 1/3 negative marking for each wrong answer. The maximum time for the examination will be 3 Hours and the standard of the paper will be that of a Bachelor’s Degree Level.

Although RPSC RAS Prelims is meant to serve as a mere screening/ qualifying test, there is no demerit in scoring well and improving your chances of moving to RPSC RAS Mains. Here is how you can do that!


How to Attempt RPSC RAS Prelims 2016

Here are a few last minute preparation tips for each of the section of RPSC RAS exam to help you attempt RPSC RAS Prelims in a better way.

General Studies

General Studies is the highest scoring part of RAS Preliminary Exam. It contains 55 questions based on Geography, Environment, Polity, Economy, History, Sports, Books and Author and Current Affairs. Most of the questions in this section will be factual in nature and you must not leave this section.

Hence, attempt general studies before any other section. As far as time allotment goes, you should spend around 40 to 45 minutes on this section. Spending more than 40 minutes will jeopardize the output of remaining sections. Read all the questions carefully and try to attempt as many questions as you can. Leave a question immediately if you are clueless about it. However, a lot of questions can be solved by the process of elimination.

General Knowledge (Rajasthan)

It is the second highest scoring part of RAS Preliminary Exam. There will be 45 questions from this section approximately. Attempt this section right after General Studies because people who are reluctant to attempt this section loses a lot of easy pickings. Questions based on Geography, Polity, Economy History, Art & Culture and Current Affairs of Rajasthan will be asked. You should spend around 30-35 minutes on this section.

General Science

This section contains approximately 25 questions and they are all relatively easy especially for people with a science background.

A good look at NCERT books of 8th to 10th Standard is sufficient to score good in this section. General science is more like “Cricket”, your shot selection decides your score. Do not over think any question, answer what you know and leave the remaining. Do not spend more than 25 minutes on this section.

Reasoning & Mental Ability

This section contains approx. 25 questions each from Reasoning & Mental Ability. From our analysis of previous years’ question papers, we can easily conclude that the questions are very direct and easier than the rest.


RPSC RAS Prelims 2016: Tips To Minimize Negative Marking 

In the RAS preliminary exam, there is negative marking, and the question paper is a booklet consisting of many pages. There are 150 questions in the paper, with four choices under each question. The time allotted is three hours for this paper. One may have to read 25-35 pages of the question booklet, and to mark the correct answer, one has to read the question and the four choices. Thus, it is not possible to read all the questions and the answers more than once, and also one has to attempt all the questions.

Therefore, you have to begin attempting the questions right from the start. To help you attempt RPSC RAS Prelims efficiently without any negative marking, have a look at these tips mentioned below:

  • As soon as you read the first question and are sure about the correct answer, attempt it immediately by blackening the correct circle in the answer sheet. Go on attempting all the questions to which you know the answers for sure.
  • In case you are not sure about the correct answer, you should leave that question to be re-read and re-thought later on.
  • If you feel that there could be two possible correct answers among the four given choices, you should put a small mark with a pencil in the two circles corresponding to these in your answer sheet.
  • There might be 20-30 questions about which you have no idea, and, due to negative marking, there is no point in attempting such questions. So, it is better to leave such questions.
  • In the end, if you are left with 35-40 minutes, you should go back to the question booklet and again read the question and the two probable answers. Try to think which one is the better and blacken the circle with the better answer.
  • But suppose you are left with only 10 minutes to attempt these questions, instead of going back to the question booklet, you should straightaway blacken the circles marked first.
  • You must attempt all such questions which you have narrowed down to the two answers because the ratio of negative marking is 1:3.
  • And in the end, don’t forget to erase the pencil markings from the answer sheet.

We hope this article provides you all the necessary information on how to attempt RPSC RAS Prelims 2016. All the best for the upcoming RPSC RAS Examination 2016.

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