How to Attempt SSC CPO Paper 1 Exam 2017: Do’s & Don’ts

How to Attempt SSC CPO Paper 1 Exam 2017: Do's & Don't

How to Attempt SSC CPO Paper 1 Exam 2017: The Paper 1 examination for recruiting SI/ ASI Officers is set to kick off in a few hours time and the pressure of cracking it has been augmenting. SSC will be conducting SSC CPO Tier I exam from tomorrow i.e 1st July to 7th July 2017 in a computer based mode (CBT).

This article will be helpful for each and every candidate who is either still preparing or those who are done with their revisions. We have come up with the article named: How to Attempt SSC CPO Tier 1 Examination: Do’s and Don’ts which can maximize your exam score. But first, let us fully understand the exam pattern and marking scheme.


SSC CPO Paper 1 Exam Pattern

Candidates appearing for Paper-I will have to appear for Computer Based Test (CBT). Below mentioned is the exam structure for SSC CPO Paper 1.

SSC CPO Exam Pattern for Paper I

The Paper I of SSC CPO 2017 consists of objective type questions carrying a total of 200 marks.

Name of the Section Number of Questions Marks
General Intelligence & Reasoning  50  50
General Knowledge & General Awareness  50  50
Quantitative Aptitude  50  50
English Comprehension  50  50

The mode of examination will be computer based test. The total time duration of the paper is 2 hours. There will be negative marking of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer in Paper-I.


How to Attempt SSC CPO Paper 1 Exam 2017: Do’s & Don’ts

All the preparations are in full zeal and every aspirant is aware of his/ her strengths and weaknesses section wise. This is the time to revise the topics and strategize in a manner so that you can give your best shot in the Real Examination.

  • Attempt a mock test, initiate with section wise analysis, it will tell you in which topic you need more preparation.

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  • Revise that topic/ topics and attempt few Questions related to that topic.
  • Do it for all the sections individually and then appear for a Mock test again.
  • Work on the time management to complete the sections in less time and save further time to attempt more questions and score higher.
  • Appear for a mock test again and take the time count to attempt 15-17 Questions in each section. If you manage it. Try to make it 17-19 in the next attempt.

Lets move to the Do’s and Don’ts of SSC CPO Examination 2017.

Do’s of SSC CPO Examination

  • Since the exam is conducted online, the candidates should have a glance at the question paper once.
  • Do a lot of practice.
  • You are recommended to go through the previous year papers and sample papers as many questions are repeated over time.
  • Reach the exam hall on time.
  • Time management during exam is essential.
  • Solve the easiest part in the beginning in order to save time.

Don’ts of SSC CPO Examination 

  • The candidates must not have the fear of new system of examination (Computer-based) and must make sure that they have prior practise in such an interface before going for the examination.
  • The candidates must not bring any electronic devices to the examination hall.
  • Allocate time properly for each question. Do not give a question more time than it deserves.
  • Do not panic if the level of examination is high.

Always remember: SSC will publish the overall cut off in accordance with the level of examination.

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    • You can go through some memory based questions below:
      1)Match the following with respective continents: mount Etna, mount K2, mount Kilimanjaro
      2)Which layer is depleted by jets
      3)Chlorine is the main constituent of which gas
      4)Author of book exile
      5)Gwadar port is given for 40 years to which country
      6)Wages and price approach each other very fast in?
      7)Vikramshila University was established by?
      8)One question on Indus valley civilization
      9)One question on Urza scheme?
      10)The World second largest beach is?
      11)Champaran happened due to which crop?
      12)Post of President can be vacant for how much time?
      13)Bile is stored in?
      14)Deoxygenated blood is carried to heart by?
      15)Source of energy of star?

      16) PM of England at the time of India Independence.
      Q.17) Suez canal connects which two sea
      Q.18) time limit of pocket vote of president
      Q.19) Which country is not an initial member of SAARC Afganistan nepal bhutan bangladesh
      Q.20) which mountain divides Asia from Europe
      Q. 21) voting age reduced from 21 to 18 mentioned in which article
      Q.22) state without international border UP MP Bihar Punjab
      Q.23) hot blood animal – ape snake lizard turtle
      Q.24) 5th five year plan deal with
      Q.25) rajyasabha mp tenure
      Q.26) lead in air pollution due to – thermal energy, diesel engine,automobile battery
      27) Montreal Protocol is in regard to ? – Ozone Depletion
      28)Oligopoly Market
      29)Nitin Thimmaiha is related to which sports? – Hockey
      30) Conversion of KB, GB, MB, etc.
      31) Who invented Portland Cement? – Joseph Aspdin
      32) full form of FDI? – Foreign Direct Investment
      33)Banking Comes Under which sector-
      34) Innovative CM award.

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