How to Attempt SSC JHT Paper 2: Do’s & Don’ts

How to Attempt SSC JHT Paper 2: Do's & Don'ts

How to Attempt SSC JHT Paper 2: Staff Selection Commission will be conducting SSC JHT Paper II on 6th August 2017. Approx 2000 candidates are expected to appear for the examination.

To crack SSC JHT Paper 2 Examination, candidates need to apply a focused strategy. With a number of countable hours left, it is apt to publish the final tips for both preparation and revision, which will help candidates understand how to attempt SSC JHT Paper 2 exam.


How to Attempt SSC JHT Paper 2: Do’s & Don’ts

Being subjective Pattern, there will be two passages for translation, the first one for translation from Hindi to English and the second passage for translation from English to Hindi. An essay to write in both English and Hindi will also be asked in order to test the candidates’ translation skills and their ability to write as well as comprehend the two languages correctly, precisely and effectively. The level of the paper will be consistent with the educational qualifications prescribed.

All the preparations are in full zeal and every aspirant is aware of his/ her strengths and weaknesses section wise. This is the time to revise and strategize in a manner so that you can give your best shot in the Real Examination. Let us move to the Do’s and Don’ts of SSC JHT Paper 2 Examination 2017

Do’s & Don’ts of SSC JHT Paper 2 Examination

  • Don’t Deviate Off Topic; Go off topic and you risk losing the interest of the examiner forever. Additionally, this would be counted as bad essay etiquette and can result in bad marks.
  • Do not repeat anything that you write in the paper, that’s the simple rule. Let each paragraph deal with a point without any further repetition later on unless absolutely necessary.
  • While Translating word your text in such a way as to avoid idioms, clichés, colloquial expressions and slang. Consider the literal meaning of words and try to express this instead.
  • You are recommended to go through the sample papers.
  • Reach the exam hall on time.
  • Time management during the exam is essential.
  • The candidates must not bring any electronic devices to the examination hall.
  • Carry your Photo ID Proof in original along with its photocopy on your exam date
  • Allocate time properly for each section. Do not give a question more time than it deserves.
  • Check for spelling mistakes while attempting the questions. Sometimes, an error may have something to do with the spelling. So, it is advised that you should pay special attention to them while answering the questions.
  • Do not panic if the level of examination is high.
  • Before attempting, always make sure to read the question and related values carefully and then answer.

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