Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan 2016 | Tips to Crack BOM in 10 Days

Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan 2016 | Tips to Crack BOM in 10 Days

Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan 2016: Bank of Maharashtra will be conducting online written examination in less than 2 weeks to fill up 500 vacancies for the post of  Probationary Officer in Junior Management Grade / Scale-I. Due to less number of vacancies, the level of written exam is expected to be high. Here, we are introducing Bank of Maharashtra PO study plan to cope up with the level of written examination and crack it.

Bank of Maharashtra PO Examination will be held on 28 October 2016 (Friday) for the recruitment of 500 Probationary Officers.


Bank of Maharashtra Exam Pattern 2016

Before jumping to Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan, let us have a look at the exam pattern of BOM PO written examination. The Online Written Examination will be Objective MCQ type in nature. A candidate will have to answer questions from the following 4 topics-

  1. Reasoning Ability
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. English Language
  4. General Awareness

Similar to most bank exams, each question will carry 1 mark each and the questions will be divided among the following sections.

 Name of the Section  Number of Questions  Maximum Marks
 Reasoning Ability  50  50
 Quantitative Aptitude  50  50
 English Language  50  50
 General Awareness  50  50
 Total  200  200

Some of the points to remember about BOM PO Exam Pattern are as follows

  • The questions will be multiple choice.
  • The exam will be bilingual (English/ Hindi) except for the subject of English Language.
  • Negative marking is applicable for wrong answers.
  • The time allotted for solving 200 questions is 2 hours.
  • The maximum marks for 200 questions is 200, one mark for every question.

Owing to the limited amount of time left, candidates need to realise that you do not have the time to learn new topics. The remaining 10 days must be spent both revising and analysing your performance in mock tests, practice papers etc. 


Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan 2016 | Tips to Crack BOM in 10 Days

After visiting detailed structure of BOM PO 2016 Written Examination, let us now explore the various aspects of Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan. We have been working extensively to provide you with the best Bank of Maharashtra PO study plan / guidance / material.

Over here, we have built a Bank of Maharashtra PO study plan for every section of the test.

  • Further, section-wise compilation of topics has also been mentioned.
  • First five to six topics are more important (that sufficient to clear the sectional cutoff) and would require more of your attention.
  • There might be section cutoff as the paper was based on Previous Exam Pattern.

As we are left with 10 days effectively to prepare for BOM PO Exam, we should carefully structure and review our “Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan”. Assuming that a student studies for 6 hours a day in the coming exam days, we are left with a total of 60 hours to prepare for the test. Bank of Maharashtra PO study plan is according to this assumed data which will guide you to the right direction.

Total Number of Days 10 Days
 Number of Hours per Day 6 Hours
 Hours dedicated to  BOM Quantitative Aptitude Preparation 15 Hours
 Hours dedicated to BOM PO Reasoning Ability Preparation 15 Hours
 Hours dedicated to BOM PO English Language Preparation 15 Hours
 Hours dedicated to BOM PO General Awareness Preparation 15 Hours

Have a good look at the proper study hours to be dedicated towards each section and then proceed to our section-wise study plan for BOM PO Examination.

Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan: English Language

English Language is one such section where you need to work on both intuition and understanding. If you have enough time, there is one advice that can take you places – READ.

  • Form a regular habit of reading newspapers and novels which would help you to increase your vocabulary as well as understanding at the same time.
  • Keep practicing Reading comprehension, Para Jumbles and Cloze Test paragraphs from a book and devote at least an hour daily to these activities.
  • For Grammar, keep revising the rules and write them essentially from topics like Subject Verb Agreement, Tenses and Active & Passive Voice.
  • Study the following topics from paper-sets. Dedicate time in learning topics like one word Substitution, Synonym/Antonyms etc.

You will feel the change over the time as vocabulary cannot be improved in a single day.

It is not a rule that we are left with only 15 hours for this section. You may differ based on level of your preparation and allocate time for this section accordingly but the idea is to make you aware of the most Important Topics in each section.

Optimal Allocation of Hours for English Section

Try to understand the basic concepts of English language that will increase your performance but that might be a time taking task.

Topic Name  Number of Questions (Expected) Allocation of Hours
 Reading Comprehension 10-15 4
 One Word Substitution 5 2
 Spotting the Error 5 2
 Sentence Correction 5 2
 Parajumbles 5 1
 Synonyms/ Antonyms 3-5 1
 Idioms and Phrases 3-5 1
 Spellings 3-5 1
 Cloze Test 5-10 1

Follow our Bank of Maharashtra English language study plan for the upcoming days. The given plan will help you to prepare for english language in a structured manner.

Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan: Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude is considered to be the arch nemesis of almost every Banking Aspirant (if it is not the case with you, believe us, we are so happy for you). Compartmentalization of topics is very important. One must know the topics one is comfortable with – from least to most. One also needs to know as to what could be the level of difficulty of questions; one can handle in an examination scenario.

Let us have a look on our structured flow chart for Bank of Maharashtra PO study plan for Quantitative aptitude section.

Optimal Allocation of Hours for QA Section

 Topic Name  Number of Questions (Expected) Allocation of Hours
  Simplification 10 4
  Number Series 6-8 3
  Tabulations and Tables 6-8 2
 Time and Work 5 1
 Profit and Loss 2-3 1
 Miscellaneous 10-12 4

Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan: Reasoning Ability

The best part of preparing for the reasoning section is that it can be solved by using common sense (Indeed, it is not so common). One’s presence of mind is more than sufficient to solve these problems and one can score very heavily in this section by having a strategy in place resulting in achieving the overall cutoff for the exam.

While building concepts and solving questions, there should be no time limit or pressure. Ideally, one should try one’s best to solve 30-40 questions on each topic (attempt section tests)

Optimal Allocation of Hours for Reasoning Section

Topic Name  Number of Questions (Expected) Allocation of Hours
 Blood Relations 2-4  1
 Coding Decoding 3-5  2
 Mathematical Operations and  Inequalities 8-10  2
 Direction Sense Test 2-4  1
 Alphabet Tests and Dictionary 2-4  1
 Number, Ranking and Time  Sequence Test 3-5  2
 Sitting/Complex Arrangement and  Puzzle Tests 5-7  3
 Miscellaneous 5-10  3

Many aspirants have missed their dream banking job because they were somehow unable to clear sectional cut offs, primarily in the section we are talking about. Follow our suggested pattern to avoid the loss.

Bank of Maharashtra PO Study Plan: General Awareness

This section will be the Game Changer for the Examination as Banking Aspirants generally try to make it with the help of other sections and keeping GA section just for sectional.

We can easily conclude that the students having proper guidance on how to prepare for General Awareness Section are already a step ahead from other aspirants.

Optimal Allocation of Hours for GA Section

Topic Name  Number of Questions (Expected) Allocation of Hours
Current Affairs 5  5 (30 mins per day)
Static Affairs 20  5
Banking Awareness 15  3
Financial Awareness 10  2

General Awareness is something that cannot be improved in a day. Aspirants have to dedicate some fixed time daily to this portion in order to improve his level of preparation for this section.


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Here we conclude our article on Bank of Maharashtra PO study plan. Candidates are requested to follow 75% (practice) – 25% (revision) structure in upcoming days to grab a extra hold over the online written examination.


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