5 Benefits of Mobile Learning for Exam Preparation

5 Benefits of Mobile Learning for Exam Preparation

5 Benefits of Mobile Learning for Exam Preparation: Mobile Learning, known by the acronym mLearning, has completely changed the present day scenario of Mobile Education. As we can see, The internet and technology sphere has grown immensely in the last 5 years, so has the mindset of people using the technology. The online education market is now filled with mobile learning apps for students.

Online Exam Preparation is now simplified. You might not even require the internet after an online mock test has been downloaded directly to your phone. Such mobile learning apps have a deep impact on the people using them. The ones who get hooked might be dedicating hours and hours towards preparation for exams. There might be a few who might not be as aggressive. But the overall count suggests that Mobile Learning Technology is a big hit!


5 Benefits of Mobile Learning for Exam Preparation

Elaborating on it, Here are a few Benefits of Mobile Learning for Exam Preparation.

1. Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Most features of mobile learning apps can be accessed anytime, leaving out those time-constrained or exclusive sections of the mobile application. The power literally is in your hands. Read and Learn as much as you want and when you want. You may also save your progress or re-attempt a practice test through your account made in the educational mobile application. With Mobile App like OnlineTyari – You can learn ON THE GO!  

2. Multiple Features

Educational Apps nowadays are loaded features, like multilingual functionalities, sectional mock test papers, detailed analysis and reports etc. To add a cherry on the pie, most of them are available for free. You can expect in-app features like exclusive exam preparation assistance to be a paid feature.       

3. Ability to Self-Pace

OnlineTyari’s mobile learning app is designed with the motive of assisting each user in exam preparation and practice. The main objective is to give the user ample space and authority to learn at his/her own speed. Such flexibility cannot be expected in a traditional classroom or learning institute.

4. One Stop Shop for all the Information

As most students dedicate anywhere between 3 to 12 months towards preparation for exams, a lot of notes get stacked one after the other. Such notes cannot be managed efficiently. But when it comes to mobile applications, you can just dedicate a folder to hold all the important information. Saves a lot of time, money and paper.

5. Cost Effective

As discussed earlier, most of the mLearning Apps offer a number of useful features. You can attempt mock tests online or offline, save your progress, or analyze your results at bare minimum cost. By comparison, coaching institutes can be really expensive. Moreover, if you are unsatisfied with an mLearning App, you still have the option on uninstalling it.
Do you really expect a refund in a similar case with a coaching centre? Think again. 

Due to the immense popularity of Mobile Learning App like OnlineTyari, it can be said that mLearning is catching up in India. There are still a significant few who consider classroom programs to be more effective than self-preparations as the virtual format cannot provide the live rendition of an actual doubt session,

But the main concern here is – What do you think?  

Are you in favour of Mobile Education? Or do you still favour the traditional approach towards education? Let us know in the comments below. 

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