Best Revision Tips for Exams


How to revise in the Best Way Possible – There are no shortcuts. Period.
Times have changed. You cannot rely on those primitive cramming techniques to achieve a good score in competitive exams. Here are a few a simple revision tips for all students.


Revision Tip #1 – Start Early

“The Early Bird catches the Worm”. This quotation is applicable in real life too. Your revision schedule should be planned way ahead of time in order to capture top scores in exams. Create a Study Timetable and allocate a few hours towards revision on a weekly basis.

Revision Tip #2 – Create Quality Notes

Simplified notes are the way to be. No need to use multi-coloured markers and crayons. The objective of creating notes by one’s own self is to analyse one’s perception level in a particular subject or topic.

Revision Tip #3 – Pick a Challenge

Most students find Mathematics Hard!
Too bad it happens to be one subject that will haunt you throughout your professional career. One of the Best Revision Tips would be select a topic which you find challenging and solve problems based on in rigorously. It will act as a confidence booster as you proceed.  

Revision Tip #4 – Move away from all Distractions 

2 hours on a daily basis are considered more than enough for revision. You need to block out all sorts of distractions, like music, facebook, WhatsApp, random people etc. and concentrate only on revision.

Revision Tip #5 – Maintain a Proper Posture

This falls under one of the revision tips with a scientific approach. Instead of lying on a bed, it is advisable to study sitting straight on a chair. There will be ample time for sleeping later on.

Revision Tip #6 – Take Short Breaks Between Subjects

Your concentration level depletes after a while. Instead of proceeding further in a half-interested way, it is better to relax for a few minutes. Have a soothing lemonade or walk around the house. Do not start binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Revision Tip #7 – Avoid Procrastination 

Procrastination is a big word. Yet every student knows the meaning. Make sure the time allotted towards revision for an exam is not spent on Facebook, WhatsApp or Watching Sitcoms. Those sitcoms might have re-runs. Not your Exams. 

No one can force you into following these revision techniques. The final verdict regarding how to revise notes lie in your hands. The only advice we can provide is you can try these revision tips in your daily schedule and know if it works for you. If not, you devise your own revision strategy to improve marks. 

All the Best!