BTET Exam 2017 (Paper 2): Last Week Preparation Tips

BTET Exam 2017 (Paper 2): Last Week Preparation Tips

BTET Exam 2017 (Paper 2): Bihar Teacher Eligibility Test (BTET) is conducted by the government of Bihar to pursue teacher’s job in schools run by the government and private managements by all the B.Ed qualified candidates. Bihar School Examination Board will conduct Bihar Teacher Eligibility Test (BTET) on 23rd July 2017.

We now have entered the final week leading upto BTET 2017. We understand that a lot of you must be excited/ confused whether you’ll be able to crack it or not. There can be no certainty about this until you attempt the examination.

But, as a way of boosting confidence at this time, here are a few BTET Last Week Preparation Tips which every aspirant must follow. But first Let us provide you a brief view of the exam pattern.

BTET Exam Pattern (Paper 2)

Below mentioned is the exam pattern for BTET Paper 2:

Name of the Section Number of Questions  Marks Allotted 
 Child Development and Pedagogy  30  30
 Language I  30  30
 Language II  30  30
For Mathematics and Science teacher:
Mathematics and Science
For Social Studies/Social Science teacher:
Social Science
 60 60
Total 150 150

Let us move further with the last week preparation tips for BTET Examination 2017.


BTET Exam 2017 (Paper 2): Last Week Preparation Tips

we expect all BTET candidates to follow these last week preparation tips, which are aimed at accomplishing a good score (100+ marks) in BTET 2017.

Focus on Child Development & Pedagogy 

First things first – you need to be extremely well prepared in this subject. Child Development and Pedagogy (CDP) is the most essential part of BTET Examination. The Overview of CDP is as follows.

  • Child Development – 15 Questions
  • Inclusive Education – 5 Questions
  • Language and Pedagogy – 10 Questions

The topics central to CDP for BTET Exam Preparation are

  • Stages of development and its relationship with learning
  • Principles of development and child development theory
  • Hereditary and environmental influences on children’s learning
  • The process of socialisation – with teachers, parents and peers
  • Development theories – constructs and critical perspectives
  • Concepts of child centric and progressive education
  • Theories and concepts of intelligence
  • Language development
  • Gender roles and educational practice
  • Variations among individual learners
  • Different types and characteristics of a good evaluation process
  • Enhancing the critical thinking ability and learning experiences
  • Understanding the concepts of inclusive education and roles of teachers in imparting education to children with special needs
  • Thinking and learning processes of children, concepts of memory and why children fail to achieve success in school
  • Process of teaching and learning
  • Children as problem solvers and scientific investigators
  • Understanding alternate conceptions in learning and children’s errors in the process of learning.

Hence, your exam preparation and revision schedule should be built around CDP.

Emphasis on Faster Calculations in Mathematics Section

The mathematics section in BTET is more focused on your ability to calculate faster in a limited amount of time. You need to dedicate atleast 2-3 hours each day till the day of the examination towards solving as many BTET Mock Tests as you can.

You need to focus on both speed and accuracy here. As a helpful tool-tip, make sure you have learnt the following

  • Tables from 1 to 20
  • Squares from 1 to 30
  • Cubes from 1 to 30
  • Most Common Fraction to Decimal Conversions

This will definitely help in improving your overall score in BTET 2017, and add more strength to your 100+ projected score.

Solve Previous Year’s Papers and Mock Tests

Here, the priority order should be solving previous years papers first and then moving towards solving mock test papers.

As explained above, your timetable needs to be focused on analysing your performance. Your analysis must help you answer the following questions.

  • What is my median score in practice papers?
  • Which topics are my strengths and where do I lack?
  • Am I able to complete the entire paper in time?
  • How can I improve my overall score?

If you are able to get credible answers, you are on the right track!

Work Hard on your Pre-Determined Exam Strategy

Since you are the best judge of your strengths and weakness, it is advisable to always work on your own exam strategy while attempting the paper. This will help you in the following manner.

  • Allotting specific time slots to each section based on your ability
  • Selecting which section to start
  • Skip those questions you know you might not be able to solve in time

Time Management and Accuracy will be the key in cracking BTET 2017 and it will only work when you work on your own exam strategy.

Avoid System Halt – Relax and Take a Breath

Yes, in the current stage, you might feel like a robot, following strict protocols for learning and revising notes. But, you need to stop yourself as soon as you feel overburdened. This is an examination which will test your ability to work optimally in times of pressure. So, you need to stay calm during this week and avoid any sort of stress.

Have faith in your preparation and you will persevere. All the Best and we will be back with our next article on How to Attempt BTET 2017 Written Examination.

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