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CTET Preparation Tips 2016: The Central Teacher Eligibility Test is less than a month away now. It is the right time to go through tips and tricks for the upcoming examination. Keep in mind that these CTET Preparation Tips 2016 must be read carefully, point by point. You need to pay attention the 5 basic points mentioned in CTET Preparation Tips 2016 in order to reap the maximum benefits out of them.

But before you dive deep into CTET Preparation Tips 2016, refer to the link below to download your hall ticket for upcoming CTET 2016 Examination.


The exam will be conducted on 21 February 2016. We hope everyone is familiar with CTET Syllabus and Exam Pattern by now. If not, we will provide a detailed article ASAP.

Now turning back our attention towards CTET Preparation Tips 2016, there still are a few areas which can be looked upon for improving overall exam scores. We will jump right into CTET Preparation Tips 2016 after we list out the basic exam structure, qualifying marks and marking scheme.


CTET 2016: Exam Structure, Qualifying Marks and Important Pointers


As we all know,  there are 2 set of papers for CTET 2016.

  • Paper I will be for a person who intends to be a teacher for classes I to V
  • Paper II will be for a person who intends to be a teacher for classes VI to VIII

Exam Structure: There are 150 questions in total. The essential sections of CTET 2016 are Child Development and Pedagogy, Language, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Mathematics/ Science. Each question carries 1 mark.

Marking Scheme: For every right answer, +1 mark is awarded. There is no negative marking for wrong answer in CTET, which is why the qualification marks are set on the higher side.

CTET Qualification Marks: A candidate needs to score at least 90 out of 150 marks in order to be in the safe zone for the interview round. The score is quite big, considering you have 150 minutes for CTET 2016.

Hence, to facilitate your exam strategy, we have created CTET Preparation Tips 2016. Only some fine points for securing a better score in CTET 2016 have been mentioned below. Dedicate a few minutes of your life. It might improve your chances of cracking CTET 2016 by a large proportion.


CTET Preparation Tips 2016

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) started conducting Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) in 2011. Since then, CTET is mandatory to get a teaching job in government schools. In fact, leading private schools also prefer CTET qualified teachers for recruitment.

Therefore, if you plan to build a career in teaching, then CTET is very important. Keeping that in mind, attempt CTET 2016 with full confidence and dexterity. There are 5 essential ingredients which constitute CTET Preparation Tips 2016.

1. The Right Approach: Understanding CTET 2016 Exam Pattern and Syllabus is one thing. The way you solve questions and the order you follow is totally different. Analyse your preparation level and begin solving CTET paper from the section which you are most comfortable with.

2. Solving CTET Previous Years Question Papers: This is one activity that is common with every recruitment examination. No matter what happens, you need to solve previous years question papers of CTET at least one month before you attempt the actual examination. This will help in understanding the difficulty level of questions and the usual type.   

3. Time for Revision: With 150 questions in 150 minutes and a bare minimum 90 score, you really need to be a master at managing time. But what most candidates ignore is the time allotted for revision. Make sure you devote at least 15 minutes from the total CTET Exam Time for revision purposed. You can definitely improve your overall score to a considerable extent.

Remember, every single mark matters!

4. Self-Analysis: Practising for CTET through full-length mock test and practice paper series is a good activity. But you should never miss out on the opportunity of analysing your performance after you attempt any mock test, sectional or full syllabus. Knowing about your strength and weakness will go a long way.

5. Have Faith: Probably the most important preparation tip for CTET 2016. You have invested time. You have devoted time. You have practised and practised. Now, when you come face-to-face with CTET 2016, confidence and faith in your level of preparation is what you need. Never forget that!

All the Best to all CTET Aspirants! 

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