10 Killer Tips to Crack Government Job Exams in 2017

10 Crucial Tips to Crack Government Job Exams in 2017

10 Killer Tips to Crack Government Job Exams in 2017: Despite hundred of jobs offered by private sectors, government jobs still remain the most preferred jobs for the youth., Most of the written exams in government jobs contain same pattern, however, few have different pattern but this not makes any difference on your exam cracking strategies.

Cracking any entrance exam is not an easy task. It takes dedication and smart thinking to crack any exam.Knowing how to crack any written exam becomes easy when you have the ability to reflect the tips upon your habit especially in case of scheduling and the routine that you may or may not follow on daily basis.

10 Killer Tips to Crack Government Job Exams in 2017

Follow these 10 Tips to Crack Government Job Exams 2017 and become the master.

Motivate Yourself

To achieve any goal in your life, you need motivation. The bigger your dream the bigger is the success. With motivation comes commitment which in turn and the zeal to fulfil that commitment to make it happen. So pull up your socks and start motivating yourself. The next thing you do once you motivate yourself takes your first step, Read the explanation in the next step.

Know Where You Stand

Take your first step to know what you exactly need to do to get through any exam. Once you are ready, you need to know about the examination like eligibility criteria, exam pattern, reservation policy (if you are in India), how many students are competing and important dates of examination.

Once you take your first step and you know what you exactly want then there is no looking back, just keep moving. The next step is dedication. How dedication can help you to keep your mind focused.


While preparing for your exam, at some point in time negative thoughts might affect your mind. You need to keep your mind cool. Don’t let it ruin your confidence. 

Sometimes it’s hard, but dedication is moving forward without giving up. Further, we will discuss on how you can collect the related study material.

Collect Study Material

Once you are fully ready and you exactly know what you want, the next step is to collect study material. 

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Look for the best books, ask your teachers important questions, download sample papers.

Go for Quality, not Quantity

Government exams need to be tackled with a strategy. To crack the exam you need to pick topics which are most important and dedicate your time in a planned manner. You should be able to crack the questions relating to those topics in minimal time and with accuracy. You should excel on all the types of questions asked on that topic. Go for accuracy. Try to solve all questions in as fast as you can to save time.

Tough Comes First, Easy Second

To prepare for any exam the candidates must first cover all the tough topics or the topics in which you face more difficulty and then move to the easier topics.


The next step is planning. Analyze your weaknesses and strengths to plan your strategy. Collect resourcesnd utilize for best results. It requires strategic planning, positive attitude, hard work, careful guidance and loads of practice. You need to focus on the exam pattern and tips to crack government exams 2017

Time Management

A time table is must for you. You have to study hard and prepare for that so you can devote your time to other things too.


Preparing notes is very important. They help a lot at the time of revision. When the exams are closer you can just refer and go through the notes for revision. You’ll not have to spend a lot of time on studying the same thing again.

Revision is very important in every exam, you can revise for your exams in the way you want. you can even go through the tips. just click on the picture above.

Mock Tests & Prevision Year Papers

Take mock tests to test your preparation. Mock tests will help you evaluate your preparation for the exam. Taking mock tests will help you analyze your weak points. That way you’ll know which areas you should focus on.

Success is dependent on efforts, without putting efforts you can not be successful. Just follow these simple tips to crack government job exams 2017.

So, don’t stress it … Do your Best!!!

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