Tips to Crack IAS Interview Questions in Personality Test

Tips to Crack IAS Interview Questions in Personality Test

Tips to Crack IAS Interview Questions in Personality Test: ‘Interview’ the word conjures up images of a candidate being grilled on various topics by a few middle aged persons sitting behind an imposing table. However, it need not be such a threatening experience if one has got a stellar personality.

After evaluating the academic  knowledge of candidates in (IAS) mains, interview tests the overall personality and other related traits. Interview checks the confidence level, honesty, integrity, communication skills, opinion, and perseverance of all those who aspire to serve their country. It is important to keep a few tips in mind to crack IAS interview during the UPSC IAS Personality test. Here we are proving some killer tips which can help you crack IAS Interview.


Tips to Crack IAS Interview Questions

The nature of personality test for the Civil Services Examination is different than those of the other services interviews. The candidates aspiring for Civil Services are going to be interviewed by a Board of 4-5 members. They will be asked questions on matters of general interest, related to national and international importance. Initially you will find difficult to crack IAS interview questions but you will soon feel confident if you adopt some practices in your daily life.

Your interview lasts for 20-25 minutes but your preparation requires much longer period of time and hard work. Given below are a few tips one can follow in daily life that can help you crack IAS interview:

Think positive, Be positive

The most important of all tips to crack IAS interview, which you might have heard umpteen times, and it remains true to the core. If one keeps a positive attitude in life generally, one slowly becomes more confident. Positive attitude brings good vibes and ensures that one clicks  the right nodes in the interview.

Visualizations and Affirmations

Daily visualize yourself as having cleared the interview.The absolute belief will ensure that you make the cut, eventually. As the famous saying goes, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”. Start believing in yourself more and you will develop an air of confidence within. You can easily crack IAS interview questions if you focus on yourself already acing the exam.

Explicit Cognition

Try to gain as much knowledge and proficiency about your field of expertise say your graduation field/ optional subject or your hobbies.  Keep abreast with all developments happening  in the  domain. ‘Knowing well’ of what you know is a distinct personality trait that only winners hone. 

Extra Curricular Activities

Do pursue some hobbies and leisure activities .These tend to broaden the horizons thus adding a plus to your personality as a whole. You become all the more active and enthusiastic with life and your surroundings and you eventually transfer this energy to the people you meet. Thus, it is advised to engage yourself in your favorite hobbies and sports activities. 

Mentor Pact

Competition today is cutthroat but if one can find a mentor in one’s periphery who can guide then, things gain a direction. Role Models help shape your personality by providing landmarks. Idealize a person and his life as the ultimate goal of your life. Follow his/her footsteps and talk about them to the panelists. This will definitely help you to crack IAS interview with ease.

Dress Appropriately

A well dressed and nicely groomed  person leaves a lasting impression. Always buy good quality clothing and accessories. Dignified attire helps in creating good first impression in the mind of interviewers. Do not over dress or over accessorize yourself. Always dress according to the norms mentioned and keep it simple.

Inquisitive Temperament

Being curious presents oneself as interested in the other person or thing and is considered a positive personality trait. However, it should not be overdone to the point of seeming nosy. You can crack IAS interview questions efficiently, if you present yourself as the eager learner. 

Time Management

Learn to efficiently manage the seconds and the hours will take care of themselves goes the adage. Nothing could be more true as the only thing one can’t redeem is the time. Value of time is priceless. Try to arrive at interview location at least 15-20 minutes earlier than the interview schedule mentioned in the UPSC call letter. Punctuality leaves an everlasting impression on the people you meet.

Volunteer Around

Helping others with a genuine concern often brings blessings in disguise. You must have heard that one good deed deserves another. If you do good and think good for others, same will follow for yourself. Be grateful for the things you have and never find faults in your life or surroundings. 

Keep Connections

Remain in touch with people. It needn’t be a long letter but only a simple hello on phone , an sms, or an email would be enough to let people know that you care. A person with a good network of people proves to be resourceful.

Balanced Outlook

Never try to be aggressive in your behavior but then neither be submissive. A harmonious blend and appropriate action according to the demand of the moment is required. It is better that you remain polite throughout the interview process, even if any unpleasant situation is created by an interviewer. Stay calm and engage in healthy discussions with people all around. Crack IAS interview by discussing general topics with your friends, family or relatives. 

We hope this article provides you with useful information. These tips to crack IAS interview, will eventually merge into your behavioral patterns and will give you a personality everyone admires. Make small changes in your  daily life for a minimum of forty days and the habits become ingrained. Once the habits become a part of your fabric nothing can stop you!

Let us know if you have any doubts or queries in the comments section below. All the Best for UPSC Civil Services Examination 2017. Stay connected for more information regarding UPSC Civil Services Exam Recruitment 2017. To excel in Civil Services Examination, download the Best IAS Exam Preparation App for free.

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