CTET Success Story 2016: Anuj Chaturvedi

CTET Success Story 2016: Anuj Chaturvedi

CTET Success Story: As we all know, CTET is a highly competitive recruitment examination with the qualifying ratio of 1:10 of the total applicants. This year, approx. 4.5 Lakh+ candidates applied. So, to qualify in such an examination, is an achievement in itself.

We at OnlineTyari are proud to help students/ candidates/ aspirants in preparing for various recruitment examinations like CTET, SBI, IBPS, IAS with the help of online mock tests, questions banks as well as eBooks. Hence, without further ado, we share the Success Story of Anuj Chaturvedi.


CTET Success Story of Anuj Chaturvedi

After results for CTET February 2016 were announced, we reached out to OnlineTyari users who’ve subscribed CTET Examination. We were extremely happy to see the success rate among our candidates, of which, one was Anuj Chaturvedi.

We had an in-depth conversation with him regarding his experience of using OnlineTyari Platform and how it helped him qualify in CTET 2016. Here is what he had to say.


  • Name: Anuj Chaturvedi

  • Roll No: 07804802

  • Exam Cleared: CTET February 2016 (Paper-II)

  • Marks Secured: 94 out of 150 (64.67 %)

OnlineTyari: First of all, Congratulations on qualifying CTET Examination.

Anuj Chaturvedi: Thanks a lot 🙂

OnlineTyari: Can you shed some light on your educational background?

Anuj Chaturvedi: My primary education was completed at the school in Phanpur village in Farrukhabad and I earned my B.Sc. Degree from J.P.Verma Science College of Hardoi.

OnlineTyari: Why did you opt for a career in teaching? Any special reason behind this?

Anuj Chaturvedi: Today, there is a dire need of making significant improvements in the field of education. Keeping this in mind, I have inspired myself to become a teacher. This is the least contribution I can make towards the betterment of my society. Besides, let me tell you that there is another special reason behind choosing this career, which is, I love to teach and try to dedicate as much free time I have towards teaching poor children around my locality.

OnlineTyari: How long did it took you to prepare for CTET 2016 Examination?

Anuj Chaturvedi: In the year 2013, while I was pursuing B.Ed. from Shri Babu Singh Degree College from University of Kanpur, I started preparing for CTET. I was also preparing for UPSI examination, in which, I could not achieve success in the interview round. But, I cleared the CTET exam in the second attempt, which is why I can say, it took me a year to prepare for CTET.

OnlineTyari: It is quite obvious to face a tough time or a rough patch while preparing for any competitive exam. Who would you say inspired you to keep going forward?

Anuj Chaturvedi: Yes, you are absolutely right that every contestant goes through such a phase while preparing for any examination, when somewhere despair and frustration surrounds you. In those circumstances, my parents motivated me to keep moving forward. Besides them, my critics inspired me too because when they taunt, even though those bitter words hurt, you can adopt their bitter words positively. This drove me to work harder towards achieving success.

OnlineTyari: Thanks for sharing all about your education and success, now let us know talk about how the OnlineTyari platform proved to be helpful for you?

Anuj Chaturvedi: There is no doubt in the fact that OnlineTyari is an essential app for all the candidates. For me, it was extremely useful. Apart from the books which were provided on the OnlineTyari platform, the Mock Test Series, One-liners, Current Affairs and Preparation Tips were also useful. That’s why, I credit my success to OnlineTyari.

OnlineTyari: How did you get to know about OnlineTyari?

Anuj Chaturvedi: I bumped into this app while browsing through the Google Play Store, after which, all necessary information related to the examination was updated and provided to me from time to time. I liked this app so much that I told my friends about it, their reaction is like me, and now its latest version is even better. I would like to advise all the candidates that they must make the OnlineTyari App a part of their preparation.

OnlineTyari: In the end, what would you like to advise those candidates who are preparing different types of competitive exams?

Anuj Chaturvedi: As I mentioned earlier, make your critics a source of your inspiration and let them say whatever they say. Work earnestly towards achieving your ultimate goal and always be positive. Victory will be yours. All the Best!

Many like Anuj Chaturvedi have qualified CTET 2016 Examination and we are privileged to be their Online Mentor. If you wish to share your success story with us, please send your Name, Roll Number and picture of your scorecard to support@onlinetyari.com and we will contact you shortly.

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