DMRC SC/ TO Job Profile, Salary, Career Prospects

DMRC SC/ TO Job Profile, Salary, Career Prospects

DMRC SC/ TO Job Profile, Salary, Career Prospects: The DMRC is a joint venture of the Government of India and the Government of National capital territory of Delhi. The purpose of DMRC is mass transportation by the medium of rail-based mass rapid transit system to reduce everyday traffic on the roads.

The registration process for the DMRC Recruitment Examination 2016 is on in full swing and aspirants who aspire to have a career in this particular field are invited to apply for their desired posts. In order to keep you motivated for the exam, we have come up with this article focusing on DMRC SC/TO Job Profile, Roles and Responsibilities, Pay Scale, Career Prospects, Growth, Opportunities etc.


DMRC SC/ TO Job Profile

There are 11 different posts in the DMRC one can apply for classified under 2 categories

  • Executive Posts
  • Non-Executive Posts.

All these have different eligibility criteria depending on the post that you have chosen. Before applying, it is important for you to know the demands and responsibilities associated with the job post. This article is dedicated to give all the necessary information on the DMRC SC/ TO job profile for the posts of Station Controller/ Train Operator and Maintainer. But before we dig into that let us discuss some of the basic details relevant to this post.

DMRC Recruitment 2016: How to get Recruited? 

To get selected for the post of SC/TO in the DMRC the candidate has to go through a selection process comprising of the following 4 stages,

  • Written Test (Two papers)
  • Psycho Test (Qualifying)
  • Personal Interview
  • Medical examination

A candidate will only be selected for the job if he/she is able to clear all the tests. Now, let’s shift our focus to the complete DMRC SC/ TO job profile starting with its roles and responsibilities.


DMRC SC/ TO Job Profile: Roles & Responsibilities

Regardless of the difference in the nature of DMRC posts of SC and TO, the candidates are given common training including training in orientation. The candidates are trained to their finest abilities predominantly in specific fields of task that will require during their tenure.

These tasks include First-Aid, Fire-Fighting, Security, Station Management, Rolling Stock, Signaling, Telecom, Automatic Fare Collection System, Driving Skills, Route Learning/ Test Track /Simulator Driving, General Rules and Procedures, Communication Skills and Spoken English, Customer Orientation & Soft Skills, Failure Management, Disaster Preparedness, etc. The trainees are given theoretical training followed by an On Job Training for a specific duration. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities assigned to DMRC SC/ TO Job Profile.

Role and Responsibilities for DMRC SC Post

The basic task at hand for a DMRC Station Controller is to efficiently control and manage the station he/she is deployed at. Some of the responsibilities are,

  • Station Management
  • Timely opening of all stations
  • Efficient working of all station equipment including AFC system, lifts and escalators
  • Revenue Collection
  • Crowd Management
  • Operations of Train Control System (from Station Control Room)

Role and Responsibilities for DMRC TO Post

The responsibility of a DMRC Train Operator is ensuring smooth controlling, proficiently driving and managing the train in accordance with the Train Control System. He/she is also in charge of taking care of other aspects too some of which are as follows:

  • Trouble shooting in the train when required
  • Manual Operations (degraded mode) of the train in case of any failure

The job of Station Controller/Train Operator is inter-changeable in nature as per the requirement of the Corporation. This includes

  1. Operating Trains, and,
  2. Managing Affairs of Metro Stations, Depot Control Centers, Operation Control Centers etc.

Note: The candidates will be allotted work in shifts (including night shift). This job requires the highest standard of medical fitness, including naked vision of 6/6.  SC/TOs with diploma or degree in relevant fields can also work as Junior Engineers as per requirement of DMRC.


DMRC SC/ TO Job Profile Salary

The basic pay scale for DMRC SC/ TO candidates ranges from Rs. 10170 to Rs. 18500 per month.  This is the minimum salary of SC/TO cadre, you can receive more through incentives ranging from Rs. 1000-8000 per month.

The net salary depends upon E.P.F. deduction, pension fund etc and taxes in the current financial year. Concessional home loan can be availed.

In addition to the above, Employees are entitled to 30% HRA, 35% perks and DA as applicable.

Hence, with the added perks and bonus packages, the salary of DMRC SC/ TO is quite attractive. Now, let us move to a very crucial section of DMRC SC/ TO job profile that will help you outline its career prospects.


DMRC SC/ TO Job Profile: Training and Probation

A DMRC SC/ TO job profile requires the candidates to go through various types of training before and after getting deployed. These include:

Initial Training

In the beginning, the selected candidates will have to undergo a probation period for two years during which they will also be trained. During this time, the candidates will have to take various examinations and clear them.  Depending upon the performance of the candidate, the DMRC can exercise its right to enhance, reduce or terminate the probation period in accordance with the terms & conditions of the offer of appointment.

Refresher Training

After deployment, the employees are re-trained in order to refresh and enhance their knowledge at regular and preset intervals. It aids the employees to be up-to-date with new and latest technologies, systems or processes. Duration of refresher training depends on the job profile.

Reshuffling Training

The organization lays a lot of emphasis on the concept of multi-skilling. Hence, it keeps shuffling the candidates who are deployed at posts of Station Managers, Line supervisors, Chief Controller, Station Controllers, Train Operators, etc. They have to undergo training for a prescribed period of time after reshuffling from one job profile to other.

Training on Promotion

Higher level jobs require more efficiency and skills. So, when the employees are promoted, it becomes very crucial to impart the required training so as to prepare them to assume responsibilities after the transition in their job.

Special training

At times, customized training on Management and Executive Development Programs, Disaster Preparedness, First Aid, Customer care, Soft skills, Sign Language Training, Spoken English etc. is also imparted to the trainees.

DMRC is the only place that has skilled manpower for various projects. With the introduction of metro services in various parts of the country such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur etc. DMRC SC/ TO job profile becomes all the more attractive.

Working with the DMRC ensures a very favorable job satisfaction. Moreover, given the brand equity of DMRC in the job market, employees keep getting job offers from the private sector as well as PSUs, sometimes with a big increase in their compensation levels. Thus, we can conclude that a career in DMRC will ensure a highly secured and comfortable future.

We hope that this article on DMRC SC/ TO job profile will guide you in judiciously choosing and applying for the job of SC/TO in the DMRC. 

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