Do’s and Don’ts: IAS Prelims Exam Day Scenario 2016

Do's and Don'ts: IAS Prelims Exam Day Scenario 2016

Union Public Services Commission is set to conduct the most renowned exam of the country on 7 August 2016. IAS is regarded as an extremely competitive exam by all the aspirants and the immutable pressure around clearing the exam is all the more increasing. With the IAS prelims exam day just around the corner, you need to ensure that you avoid last minute glitches.

In this article, we will enlighten you with some important points which you should keep in mind during IAS prelims exam day. It is extremely important for you to replenish and nurture yourself during the last days of the examination.


IAS Prelims Exam Day: Do’s and Don’ts

All those aiming to soar high in the country’s most esteemed competitive exam need to follow a set of do’s and don’ts. These will help you relieve the unnecessary stress and tension of the examination and will keep you upbeat and optimistic.  So, here is a list of do’s and don’ts which you should keep in mind on IAS prelims exam day:

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before the Exam

If you have prepared well in advance, there’s no point in taking undue stress. So, get a sound sleep, or at least try to get one, before the IAS prelims exam day. There’s no point in burning the mid-night oil and turning up for the exam in the morning with your mind half asleep. Keep yourself energized and hydrated.

Carry a Black Ball Point Pen

Encircling the answers in OMR sheet has to be done ONLY using a BLACK Ball Point Pen. Pencils are NOT allowed. So remember this. Keep one or two black ball point pens in your compass box or shirt pocket before you step out of home.

Reach the Center at least 30 Minutes in Advance

The exam timings for IAS prelims are: Paper 1: 09.30 A.M to 11.30 A.M and Paper 2: 02.30 P.M to 04.30 P.M

Ensure you reach the center by 09.00 A.M since you will need to find your hall number, relieve yourself/freshen up before the paper starts. Fill in the necessary details like Roll No., Paper id etc in the answer sheet well before the start of the examination.

Carry a Watch

Instead of asking your fellow candidates or the invigilator about the time remaining every few minutes, it’s advisable to wear a wrist watch or carry a table clock along. This will help you know exactly how much time is left and whether you need to rush through the questions or carry on at the current speed.

Attempt General studies Question paper smartly

The basic tip for the examination hall is that one should first read all the questions carefully and thoroughly before selecting the correct answer. If a question cannot be answered immediately, one should move to the next question. After going through the whole question paper and answering all the questions, one may get back to unanswered questions.

In first reading if you are sure that 40-45 questions are quite easy, attempt those first. But to increase your attempts, you can try your luck by attempting those in which you are 50% sure. The number of question you attempt must not be less than 70.

Do Not Attempt All of the Questions

Each question in the Prelims carries one mark for every right answer and minus (-) 0.33 marks for every wrong one. So, attempting all of the questions blindly is not considered to be wise. The ratio of the cut off list for IAS prelims is approximately around 51-52%. Hence, you should not worry about the number of attempted questions. Focus more on smart work and ensure time management.

Do not Overlook Questions

Do not overlook a question without even reading it just because it’s from a topic you have not prepared for. You may get an easy question which would easily get solved by applying simple logic. Similarly a tough looking question may actually be a simple one. You may go for some logical guesses, but do not make a totally wild guess.

Don’t Look for Tricks in Easy Questions

There will be a good number of easy questions, some of them might be extremely easy. Not all questions will be tough. But still many people get the easier one’s incorrect. Why? Because they keep on overthinking or get surprised with UPSC asking such an easy question. They go on looking for a trick in the question, when there isn’t any. Stop looking for such tricks and follow your instinct.


We hope this article provides you will all the useful information regarding the do’s and don’ts for IAS prelims exam day 2016. We would like to wish all IAS Aspirants a Best of Luck for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Examination 2016.

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