English Important Questions: SSC CGL 2018: Quiz 6

SSC English Quiz 6

As you already know that SSC CGL Tier I 2018 dates are not so far and if you are willing to ace this exam then you need do practice. English is an important section in this exam and it plays an important role to increase your score. So in this article we are providing you some important questions of English. Do practice these English questions and enhance the level of your preparation.

English Questions for SSC CGL 2018: Quiz 6

Direction Text: In the following questions, out of the given alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.
1) A person who spends too much.
a) Spendthrift
b) Financier
c) Thrifty
d) Brat pack

2) Something that is real or actual, rather than imaginary.
a) Vague
b) Elusive
c) Tangible
d) Imperceptible

3) A person who has a lot of money.
a) Pauper
b) Mendicant
c) Have-nots
d) Have

4) Urge someone to act in a violent or unlawful way.
a) Taunt
b) Solicit
c) Incite
d) Psych

5) A written statement about someone’s character, usually provided by an employer-
a) Testimonial
b) Memorandum
c) Certificate
d) Licence

6) One who abandons his religious faith.
a) Apostate
b) Prostate
c) Profane
d) Agnostic

7) A hater of knowledge and learning.
a) Bibliophile
b) Philologist
c) Misogynist
d) Misologist

8) Commencement of words with the same letter.
a) Pun
b) Alliteration
c) Transferred epithet
d) Oxymoron

9) Story of old time Gods or Heroes is:
a) Lyric
b) Epic
c) Legend
d) Romance

10) A sad song:
a) Ditty
b) Knell
c) Dirge
d) Lay

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