How to Enhance Answer Writing Skills for UPSC CSE Mains 2017

How to Enhance Answer Writing Skills for UPSC CSE Mains

How to Enhance Answer Writing Skills for UPSC CSE Mains 2017: To crack a recruitment examination as competitive as UPSC Civil Services Exam, an aspirant needs to be ready for anything. But, in this article, we will be limiting our focus on Answer Writing Skill and Ability in UPSC Mains Examination 2017.

We hope this article provides an insight on how to write both efficiently and effectively in IAS Mains Exam.


How to Enhance Answer Writing Skills for IAS Mains 2017

For UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination, a serious aspirant is required to write thoughtful, well- structured, logically conclusive answers that depict his in-depth understanding of a particular subject.

This is the reason why most IAS aspirants lay major emphasis on practicing writing the answers for UPSC Mains Examination. However, in the process of learning and adapting to new topics related to subjects, there is a lot of confusion about the time one needs to allow to answer writing.

While working on your enhancing your Answer Writing Skills for IAS Examination, you need to ask a bunch of questions to yourself.

  • Am I dedicating enough time to a particular question? 

  • Is the language accurate according to the nature of the question? 

  • Am I able to correlate both logic and objective behind the question properly?  

One of the uncommon queries which we would like to address here is – “Are you worrying too much or too less over answer writing?”.

The truth is that there is no fixed amount of time that a candidate must dedicate to the answer writing practice. It varies from person to person and depends on how well-versed you are at formulating justifiable opinions in a fixed time span.

Although we can tell you that a UPSC Candidate with Good Analytical Skills, Strong Knowledge Base and a Commendable Writing Style can most definitely nail UPSC Mains Examination with insightful answers.

Do you aspire to be this person? Is your answer is Yes, here are a few tips and techniques on how you can enhance your Answer Writing Skills and Score Better in UPSC Civil Services Examination. 


Tips to Enhance Answer Writing Skills for IAS Exam

There are a few ways to work upon and improve your answer writing skills over a period of time. 

Here is a list of activities which help to enhance your skill in writing more insightful answers in UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination.

1. Eclectic Reading 

A lot of you must be familiar with the term ‘Eclectic‘. When combined with Reading, the objective here is to signify reading from multiple sources. In order to secure better marks in UPSC Mains, make sure you read extensively and from multiple ‘reliable’ sources.

This will help you in developing a logic building process for topics you are either unknown to or just oblivious about.

2. Solve Previous Year’s Papers

Probably the most repetitive tip. To know about the actual level and type of questions, it is essential that you solve previous year’s papers. Make sure you select an accurate forum while analyzing your solutions. 


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3. Understand the Question

UPSC Civil Services Examination is tough. Period. Now, don’t let this fact consume your performance. Read each question thrice before you attempt it. This is because you need to know what exactly is being asked.

Sometimes, a question is strategically put to confuse candidates. This shouldn’t happen in your case. 

4. Writing Precisely 

Try to understand that this is not your college examination, nor board exams. You will not be awarded marks for filling sheets. For UPSC CSE Mains Examination, avoid beating around the bush. Write precise answer and clearly state the logic behind your answers.

5. Embedding Keywords

It is advised that you use keywords related to the question. This gives weightage to your answer and makes it more readable. But again, this should not make the answer sound vague and away from the logical point of view.  

6. Time Management

In Recruitment Examinations like UPSC CSE, speed and accuracy are everything. Once you understand the basic logic and structure of the question, start framing and aligning it. Try not to blabber high forms of vocabulary. Your answers need to insightful but shouldn’t consume a major chunk of your time.

7. Structure of an Insightful Answer

When we talk in broad terms, each answer in UPSC Examination needs to well balanced among 3 sections – Introduction, Central Content, and Conclusion. You need to divide and answer in this way so there can be a symmetry while reading it.

8. Accessorize your answer

To make sure your answer has all the necessary information, segregate it in the most efficient way possible. Use Tables, Charts, Diagrams and Facts to show information in a more readable format. But avoid making the answer cluttered. 

9. Read and Revise 

With the pressure of outperforming others, there can be changes of spelling or logical errors. Make sure you glance through your answer before you mark it complete. Every mark matters in UPSC Civil Services Examination.

To sum up, you need to develop a caliber to answer 20-25 questions in 2 hours for each subject in order to crack UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination. Let us know if you have any doubts or queries in the comments section below. All the Best for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Examination.GS

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