EPFO APFC 2016 : Ranjeet Kumar Success Story

EPFO APFC 2016 Ranjeet Kumar Success Story

APFC (Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner) Exam was conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) in 2015 for filling 170 vacancies in Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation, a statutory body of Ministry of Labour and Employment.

We at OnlineTyari are proud to help students/ candidates/ aspirants in preparing for various recruitment examinations like UPSC, NABARD, SBI, IBPS with the help of online mock tests, questions banks as well as eBooks. Hence, without further ado, we share the Success Story of Ranjeet Kumar, an OnlineTyari user who was able to crack EPFO APFC Recruitment Examination 2016.


EPFO APFC Success Story 2016 | Ranjeet Kumar 

Amongst millions of aspirants seeking an esteemed government job, stands out Ranjeet Kumar. A hard-working, resilient and a humble man, belonging from Delhi, shares his experience with the OnlineTyari Team and provides an insight to his journey of successfully cracking the APFC Recruitment exam.

  • Name- Ranjeet Kumar
  • Exam Qualified- Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner (APFC) 2015
  • Roll Number- 224962
  • Score- Yet to be declared

Given below is the interview of Ranjeet Kumar conducted by the OnlineTyari team.

OnlineTyari: Have you ever appeared for any Civil Services Examination before? If yes, how many times have you appeared for the exam?
Ranjeet: Yes, I have appeared 3 times before.


OnlineTyari: How did you prepare for the exams? Did you attend any coaching institute? If yes, then, how helpful did they prove to be?
Ranjeet:  I did not take any coaching class for this examination. Mostly, I tried to cover the syllabus on my own. Previously in the year of 2011, I joined Dhyeya IAS Institute to prepare for Civil Services Prelim Exams and for mains I joined Effort IAS Academy. Later on, in the preceding years, I thought of abandoning the idea of learning from coaching institutes and started adopting self-study measures which actually helped me as it saved time and money both. I started visiting online educational portals for brushing up my skills and for in-depth guidance. I particularly benefited from OnlineTyari’s Current Affairs column and the Daily News Digest section, which helped me in increasing my general knowledge ability.


OnlineTyari: Tell us something about yourself and what made you choose this field of career?
Ranjeet:  I have done my schooling from a Delhi based School through the CBSE board. I have done my graduation from the University of Delhi. I also have a Diploma course in Automobile Engineering from B.T.E. I did my MBA in Marketing through Distance learning. I chose this line of career because I feel that the level of comfort as well as prestige and security of a government job has no match. I believe that less work load and free lifestyle is the building block of a healthier lifestyle and no other job matches the level of satisfaction which we get from serving our country.


OnlineTyari: What is your opinion/feedback about the OnlineTyari?  How was it helpful?
Ranjeet:  Onlinetyari is very helpful and a concrete platform for anyone aspiring to get in to public sector. The study plans, Last minute preparation tips, mock tests, question banks and various other practicing exercises proved to be very resourceful. Their constant support and guidance helped me at all times.


OnlineTyari: Please share your experience during EPFO APFC interview? What questions were asked and how well you managed it?
Ranjeet:  Apart from the Chairman of the Organisation, there were 3 other board members present at the interview panel. I was very nervous before going inside but as soon as I entered I developed an air of confidence and tried to answer their questions without fumbling. They asked questions on many areas. First and foremost they asked about my previous work experience and the reasons for leaving. They focussed more on current affairs and asked a lot from various topics like Pollution in Delhi, how corruption is evading our government system, how Supreme Court’s order on banning 2000cc diesel vehicles will impact the environment. They even asked me about the social issues concerning the country’s population and also about the current judiciary system and its workings. The Interview was held for half an hour or so and I am hopeful that I will get a positive response.


OnlineTyari: You mentioned about working in private sector to us earlier. How did you manage your studies alongside working?
Ranjeet:  Yes, It was very important for me to work side by side as I have always wanted to support my family financially. Initially, I worked for a couple of years and earned quite well but when I saw competitive exams approaching, I decided to drop the idea of working and joined an institute. After 3 years of studying and hard work I was not able to clear the exams. It was a very difficult and depressing period of my life.


OnlineTyari: During those difficult times, what or who kept you motivated? Who has been your pillar of support?
Ranjeet:  I remember seeing the results of IAS 2013. I was in high spirits and quite positive about the result but it turned out to be the opposite. I went in severe depression and became very cynical about life. My father was the one who never left my side and kept pushing me to try harder the next time. He said “Go after your dream, no matter how unattainable others think it is”. He always maintained the same level of composure whenever I needed his support or advice. It is very important for people who are chasing their dreams to always surround themselves with positive people.


OnlineTyari: Finally, a piece of advice for fellow aspirants and dreamers that you would like to give?
Ranjeet: Always listen to your guardians and give your best shot. Have the courage to keep going forward and never give up on your dreams and never doubt yourself. If you can dream it you can do it. All the best.

Many like Ranjeet have qualified EPFO APFC Examination and we are privileged to be their Online Mentor. If you wish to share your success story with us, please send your Name, Roll Number and Picture of your Scorecard to support@onlinetyari.com and we will contact you shortly. 

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