GATE 2016 Last Minute Preparation Tips


If you still want to crack GATE 2016, NOW IS THE TIME!

So, instead of watching reruns of Sherlock, how about you go through these Preparation Tips, Last Minute Study Hacks and Valuable Mock Tests for GATE 2016.



1. It is Revision Time NOW!!!

It is the actual game changer in such exams. Concepts are clear, problems solved, joined a test series but didn’t do timely quality revision – and you’re out!

Chances of Failure will grow exponentially if you fail to revise. Start revising now if you still want to crack GATE 2016 Exam.


2. Make a Countdown Plan


Plan your remaining weeks according to the subject you took. Plan each and every day and give time for individual topics for each day. Complete it and keep a record of your progress. It is one exercise common with every success story of cracking GATE Exam. Put it to some good use.


3. Get a Pocket Formula Diary

By Mid-Jan, make very short notes, preferably in a pocket diary. Write formulas or short notes and keep it with yourself. Revise it before going to bed or when you are in class or traveling.


4. Analyze your Performance in Test Series

Check how well you perform. It will help you find your weakness. After completing each subject try to solve previous mock test.


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If you feel comfortable with that subject then keep it for final revision or else work hard till you get command on  it. Although, you need to keep in mind that in order to crack GATE 2016, you need to strong command over subjects you are confident with.


5. GATE Exam is Subjective. Period.

GATE is that kind of exam where most students think they will come in top 100. But we know the truth, right?

Emphasizing yet again, never go straight forward to options (except few questions). It may be tempting to answer a question by looking at its given options, but those will be mostly wrong. Make those hours put in preparing for GATE Exam worth something.


6. Try to work on your own IQ/ Logic:

If you work on your logic, there will be an improvement in your GATE Score.


As explained above, never go straight forward to option (except few questions). It may be tempting to answer a question by looking at its given options, but those have been embedded on purpose. It is basically a trap. Take some tests and in the due time, you’ll be able to build proper logic based on the wrong answers. It will help you to understand the question really fast and prevent making such mistakes.


7. Build your Concepts

Focus on building the concepts rather than solving more and more questions. A smart approach trumps the traditional head-on procedure of facing questions in GATE Exam.


8. Relax and Breathe

Your aim is to score 100. But nobody gets it. Take a break and relax. Refresh your mind. Even the super-computers have to  reboot themselves. You cannot crack GATE 2016 with an overburdened brain.

There are a number of things you can do to relax. Here are a few.

  • Go for a stroll.
  • Drink a nice lemon beverage.
  • Listen to some music.
  • Have a light conversation with a friend.
  • Dance, if you can.


9. Your Approach must be Holistic


You do not have to transform into a machine just because you are taking GATE Exam. You must keep time for family and friends, as well as for your own self in your schedule of studies. Practice things that you like doing, such as listening to music, etc. Look after your health and eat well. Avoid studying late at night if you are not used to it. Consider this as the most important exercise for cracking GATE Exam.


CAUTION: Why you may give up at the last moment?

  • You are  already placed and want to enjoy your final year.
  • You do not  want to go join any PSU (You did fair amount of research before coming to this conclusion)
  • You do not want to do your higher studies in India.

Take a step back and think over it again!

You must have prepared a lot for GATE Exam and a last-minute hasty decision may affect you in the near future. Why waste your effort?

Just think it as another exam of your semester. Give it a shot. The scorecard is valid for 2 years. Maybe there are opportunities you want to explore a little while later but, you may regret because you gave up in the last minute.

“Have Faith. You’ll do Fine.” 


We hope these last minute preparation tips help in cracking GATE Exam 2016. Stay connected for more updates on the upcoming GATE 2016 Exam. Please mention your doubts, if any, in the comments section below.

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