GATE Exam Strategy 2017: Tips to Crack Written Examination

GATE Exam Strategy 2017 Tips to Crack Written Examination OnlineTyari

GATE Exam Strategy 2017: Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering is a national level examination conducted every year. It is an examination jointly regulated by seven IIT’s and IISC on rotational basis. This year GATE examination will be organised by Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. The details shall be posted on their official website i.e

The motive behind GATE is to discover hard-working and driven candidates for admission to postgraduate programs in engineering at the National Level. However. The aim for taking GATE exam varies from aspirant to aspirant. GATE score is the prominent gateway to get recruited in prestigious public sector companies. We have formulated a very effective GATE exam strategy for all the aspirants to help them score better. 


GATE Exam Strategy 2017

In order to excel in GATE recruitment exam, one needs a positive and a thoughtful approach. A calm mind during the exam do wonders, therefore a proper integrated test taking strategy becomes all the more important. We have shared some important points which will help you formulate a practical GATE exam strategy. The more you focus on these points, the better will be your score.

Take Time to Analyze the Paper

An analysis of the whole paper minimizes the chances of misunderstanding questions in the future. Read every question carefully without taking too much time. If you find a particular question difficult but might require some simplification trick mark it and move further.

Also, mark keywords while reading the question to avoid misunderstandings. Try to finish the paper 30 minutes prior to the allotted time as you will get the time to revisit tricky questions. 

Attempt GA Section First

The General Aptitude section consists of 10 questions carrying 15 marks. As GA comprises of basic English and numerical ability questions , it is considered to be the easiest section of all.

Therefore, you should start the exam by attempting GA section first which will hardly take more than 20 minutes. As the section is fairly easy to solve, it helps you going forward with the rest of the questions positively.  

Strategize and Time your Approach

Sometimes most focused and prepared candidates end up failing the exams due to lack of proper approach. Analyze the question paper closely and mark out areas of your mastery. After solving the GA section, start with the technical questions carrying 1 mark which should not take more than 45 minutes of your time.

Attempt 2 mark technical questions at the end as they are time-consuming. Also, you should focus on the MCQ based questions first as they are comparatively easier than the Numerical Answer Questions (NAQs). 

Do not Omit any Sections/ Answers

In multiple choice questions there are four choices of which only one is correct. Any wrong answer takes away 33% as negative marks. If you stumble across a question which is fairly difficult to comprehend, you should skip it. Avoid the age old approach of attempting all the questions in competitive exams.

Use Tricks wherever possible

Certain tricks and formulas help to solve numerical questions and maths based problems during the exam. These tricks are known to simplify difficult questions and ease the solving process. Use them efficiently to attempt questions which are tricky in nature.

Be Calm throughout the Examination

It is important to maintain a calm attitude through the duration of the exam. Sometimes, the initial questions in the question paper are the most difficult ones to create a pressure situation. The GATE paper consists of segregated questions and do not follow the ideal pattern of maintaining same levels of difficulty throughout.

Therefore, do not panic after seeing tricky questions and maintain a calm composure for the easier ones.

Maintain a Focused, Positive Attitude

No matter how stressful or dreadful the situation is, do not let negative thoughts occupy your mind. Strive to give your best attempt with a concentrated approach. There is a major risk of misunderstanding the question when you read it in haste. Always follow a positive and mindful approach while reading the questions. 

We hope this article provides you with useful information regarding GATE exam strategy. A practical and analytical mind will always ensure a positive result. Start preparing for GATE 2017 examination with the help of this preparation guide for beginners.

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