Railway ALP Exam 2018: Questions Asked in General Awareness Section


General Awareness Questions Asked in Railway ALP Exam 2018: Railway Recruitment Board conducted the biggest exam of the country i.e RRB Assistant Loco Pilot. RRB has conducted the said examination in multiple shifts

Meanwhile, this article focuses on the GK questions asked in Railway ALP Exam 2018 Exam and the correct answers for each of those. These questions have been submitted by the candidates who’ve attempted the Railway ALP Examination this year.

General Awareness Questions Asked in Railway ALP Exam 2018

Talking about the General Awareness Section, the difficulty level of this section was Easy. The bulk part of RRB ALP General Awareness Section was covered by the topics like Science & Technology, Sports, Culture, Personalities, Economics, Politics and other subjects of importance. The following questions have been submitted on our forums and we are providing the appropriate answers for each.

Q.1 Which state government launched ‘181-Sakhi’, a toll-free helpline number for women?

  1. a) Assam
  2. b) Kerala
  3. c) Delhi
  4. d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer:  A

Q.2 Player who won the golden ball in FIFA world cup 2018

  1. a) Lionel messi
  2. b) Luka Modric
  3. c) Cristiano ronaldo
  4. d) Kylian Mbappé

Answer:  B

Q.3 Chief Minister of Nagaland-

  1. A) Neiphiu Rio
  2. B) Sarbananda Sonowal
  3. C) Biplab Kumar Deb
  4. D) Pema Khandu


Q.4 Name of the CEO of Allahabad Bank

  1. A) Usha Ananthasubramanian
  2. B) Dinabandhu Mohapatra
  3. C) Sunil Mehta
  4. D) Rajnish Kumar


Q.5 Where will the Commonwealth game 2022 be organized?

  1. A) Scotland
  2. B) Australia
  3. C)  England
  4. D) Canada


Q.6 Who is the present Chhattisgarh governor?

  1. a) Raman Singh
  2. b) Balram Das Tandon
  3. c) Naveen Patnaik
  4. d) D.Y. Patil

Answer: B

Q.7 Who is the chairman of Indian Olympic Association?

  1. a) Ms. Mariamma Koshy

b)Rajeev Shukla

c)Vinod Rai

  1. d) Narinder Batra

Answer: D

Q.8 India has been ranked in the global corruption perception index for 2017





Answer: B

Q.9 Financial Advisor of India  

  1. A) Sh. Nripendra Misra
  2. B) Ajeet Dowal
  3. C) Dr. P. K. Mishra
  4. D) Arvind Subramanian


Q.10 Who has won the Australia Open 2018 Women’s Singles

  1. a) Caroline Wozniacki
  2. b) Venus williams
  3. c) Maria Sharapova
  4. d) Petra Kvitová

Answer: A

Q.11 if car is mass 250kg is running with a speed of 72km/h. what is the momentum of the car(kg.m/s)?

  1. a) 1800 kg.m/s
  2. b) 5000 kg.m/s

c)125/36 kg.m/s

d)2500 kg.m/s

Answer: B

Q.12 Which materials used to make fuse wire-

  1. a) Tin and Lead
  2. b) Cupper and Lead
  3. c) Aluminum and Tin
  4. d) Aluminum and Lead

Answer: A

Q.13 What is the AC Mains Frequency in India?

  1. a) 45 Hz
  2. b) 60 Hz
  3. c) 50 Hz
  4. d) 55 Hz

Answer: C

Q.14 The SI unit of power—

  1. a) Joule
  2. b) Watt
  3. c) Newton
  4. d) Dyne

Answer: B

Q.15 If any liquid has Ph value below 7. It is?

  1. a) Acidic
  2. b) Basic
  3. c) Neutral
  4. d) Conc. Basic

Answer: A

Q.16 Chemical Name of Vitamin E

  1. a) Thiamine
  2. b) Calciferol
  3. c) Folic Acid
  4. d) Tocopherols

Answer: D

Q.17 When Bleaching Powder is mixed in water which gas is released?

  1. A) Oxygen
  2. B) Carbon Dioxide
  3. C) Nitrogen
  4. D) Chlorine

Answer: D

Q.18 Name of laughing gas?

  1. A) Nitrous oxide
  2. B) Nitrogen dioxide
  3. C) Sulfur dioxide
  4. D) Nitric oxide


Q19 Chemical Formula of Sodium Bicarbonate





Answer: A

Q20. Who discovered DDT?

  1. a) Alexander Fleming
  2. b) Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
  3. c) Paul Hermann Müller
  4. d) Henri Becquerel

Answer: C

Q21. Where the digestion of Proteins occurs?

  1. a) Duodenum
  2. b) Small Intestine
  3. c) Big Intestine
  4. d) Liver

Answer: A

Q.22. Life span of RBC?

  1. a) 12 days
  2. b) 100days
  3. c) 90 days
  4. d) 120 days

Answer: D

Q.23 Which is the largest phylum in animal kingdom?

  1. a) Arthropod
  2. b) Reptile
  3. c) Protoctista
  4. d) Plantae

Answer: A

Q.24 Pest-resistant cotton commonly known as ‘Bt-Cotton’ is genetically engineered by inserting a gene from a

  1. a) Bacteria
  2. b) Protozoa
  3. c) Virus
  4. d) Algee

Answer: A

Q.25 Who invented Insulin?

  1. a) Frederick Banting
  2. b) Edward Jenner
  3. c) Karl Landsteiner
  4. d) Casimir Funk

Answer: A

Q.26 What is The Capitals Of Malaysia?

  1. a) Bangkok
  2. b) Jakarta
  3. c) Kuala Lumpur
  4. d) Denpasar

Answer: C

Q.27 Tunnel Pir Panjal Situated in which state ?

A ) Sikkim

  1. B) Himachal Pradesh


  1. D) J&K

Answer: D

Q.28 Hirakud Dam is built across which river?

  1. a) Ganga
  2. b) Godawari
  3. c) Son


Answer: D

Q.29 What is the full form of UPS?

  1. A) Universal Power Supply
  2. B) Universal Power Setup
  3. C) Uninterruptible Power Supply
  4. D) Unit Power Supply


Q.30. South Africa Currency
a) Rad
b) Ringgit
c) shilling
d) Rubal

Answer: A

Here we conclude our article. Stay Tuned for the latest updates on Assistant Loco Pilot Examination.

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