General Awareness Questions for SSC CGL 2018 : Quiz 1

General Awareness Questions for SSC CGL 2018 : Quiz 1

As you already know that SSC CGL dates are not so far and if you are willing to ace this exam then you need do practice.General Awareness section is an important section in this exam and it plays an important role to increase your score. So in this article we are providing you some important questions of general awareness. Do practice these question and enhance the level of your preparation.

General Awareness Questions for SSC CGL 2018 : Quiz 1

1. At which place can the best specimens of Gupta paintings be seen?
a) Narsinghgarh
b) Ellora
c) Ajanta
d) Bhimbetka

2. Which is the most ancient language of our country?
a) Hindi
b) Pali
c) Sanskrit
d) Urdu

3. River Narmada originates from which place?
a) Amarkantak
b) Himalayans
c) Brahamagiri
d) Baralacha pass

4. Which of the following article deals with the appointment of Prime Minster of India?
a) Article 356
b) Article 32
c) Article 75
d) Article 348

5. Which state of India is the leading producer of tea?
a) Gujarat
b) West Bengal
c) Sikkim
d) Assam

6. What is the full form of CRR?
a) Cash Return Ratio
b) Cash Reserve Ratio
c) Cash Revenue Ratio
d) Cash Return Reserve

7. How many canine teeth are there in adult human?
a) 2
b) 8
c) 6
d) 4

8. The force of attraction between an electron revolving around the nucleus and the nucleus is a _______force?
a) Mechanical
b) Electric
c) Magnetic
d) Gravitational

9. What is the mass of one mole of a substance in grams called?
a) Nuclear Mass
b) Atomic Mass
c) Molar Mass
d) Molecular Mass

10. ‘Khullam Khulla’ is an autobiography of which famous actor?
a) Shatrughan Sinha
b) Mithun Chakraborty
c) Jeetendra
d) Rishi Kapoor

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