How to Give Online Exam (Banking, SSC, Railways & Other Government exams)

How to Give Online Exam (Banking, SSC, Railways & Other Government exams)

How to Give Online Exam: As of now, majority of the crucial exams be it SSC, IBPS, RBI, Railways etc conduct their recruitment exams online (Computer based test) & are likely to continue the same in the future. To help candidates in all the ways, we have launched our brand new mock test platform.Introducing OnlineTyari's Brand New Mock Test Platform: Try Now

Let us now understand the machinery of online computer based tests. This post will help you untangle how to give online exam. Scroll down to get acquainted with the new world of technology.


How to Give Online Exam (Banking, SSC, Railways & Other Government exams)

To make it clear & simplified, let us bifurcate the learning process into crucial pointers.

  1. Initially, candidates have to login with their user name & password (provided by the authority) printed on the call letter.Login
  2. Aspirants are requested to read the instructions before attempting the online computer based test. Enough time will be allotted by the authority to get acquainted with general instructions.
  3. Choose your question paper language, check the instruction box & also click on I am ready to begin button.ReadyThe clock will run immediately after this.
  4. A new window will appear highlighting question window, options window & Question Palette (with 5 different color options).COLOR
  • Green: Shows the question been answered.
  • Red: Shows visited but not answered.
  • White: Shows neither visited nor answered.
  • Violet: Question put under ”Mark for Review” option.
  • Violet with a green tick: Question answered & put under ”Mark for Review” option.

5. Once you select an answer click Save & Next button to proceed to the following question.

6. You can also press Clear Response button to reset a question that you’ve already answered.

7. Hit the Mark for Review & Next button option if you’re unsure about a solution and want to review the answer later. Also, note that if you select “Mark for Review” option, no matter you correct it or not the existing answer will be carried for the final evaluation.

8. Submit the answers only after the exam duration and handover the rough paper to the authorized invigilator. After finally submitting test, you will be shown section wise as well as total number of attempts.

Note: Candidates are warned not to press any keyboard keys after starting with the exam as it may lock the exam.

Want to give a try?? Click on the below given link to experience the real online examination:SBI PO

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With the help of this mock test platform, everyone can now prepare for the competitive exams efficiently. You will be shown not only the number of attempts but also per question analysis of every section along with the overall performance, All India Rank and explanation of all the questions in detail.


Frequently Asked Questions on How to Give Online Exam

Under this section we will discuss Computer based test FAQs. These questions will also help you understand better about the online examination process.

Q: By mistake, I have tapped SUBMIT button. Can I revert it?

Answer: No, you can’t. Although after clicking, a pop up will appear: ‘Do you want to submit this test?’

Q: How can I navigate between the questions?

Answer: A candidate can navigate between questions by clicking on the question number displayed to the right of the screen.

Q: I have saved a question but I need to edit it now. Is it possible?

Answer: Yes, you can change each and every question’s response (Save & next or clear response or mark for review) till the time you click on SUBMIT test button.

  • After selecting an answer for a question the candidates should click on the ‘SAVE & NEXT’ button to save the answer and proceed to the next question. The candidates should note that without clicking on ‘Save & Next’ button the answer selected for a question will not be saved.
  •  In case a candidate does not wish to attempt the question then he/ she should not click on any option for that question. A candidate can also choose to deselect his/ her answer for a particular question by clicking on the ‘CLEAR RESPONSE’ button provided against each question.
  •  If a candidate wants to skip a particular question and return to it later before submitting his/ her test or a candidate ‘clicks’ (selects) an answer for a particular question but wishes to review it later, he/ she may note down the question number on the sheet provided. In such cases the candidate may also click on the ‘MARK FOR REVIEW & NEXT’ button. In case an answer has been selected for a particular question which has been marked as ‘MARK FOR REVIEW & NEXT’, the answer marked will be taken for final evaluation.

Q: How will a candidate come to know which are the questions left unanswered?

Answer: There will be a panel on computer screen showing all the question no’s in different color scheme which will indicate which are the questions answered, left unanswered and marked for review.

Q: What will happen in case there is some problem in computer during the examination?

Answer: There will be enough spare computers available at the examination centers to take care of such problems and the time lost in change of system will be duly compensated as each and every second will be recorded by the server. Also there will be qualified IT professionals to assist you.

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Here we end up our article on How to give online exam. If you are a self  motivated person, then practicing can heap you more results. Always remember:

 The expert in anything today was once a beginner 

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