Gyan -Vigyan: 36 Days Science Crash Course (15th Feb – 24th April)

Gyan -Vigyan: 36 Days Science Crash Course (15th Feb - 24th April)

36 Days Science Crash Course (15th Feb – 24th April): OnlineTyari is staring a science crash course from tomorrow i.e 15th Feb 2019. Here we are providing you with all the details regarding the crash course. Scroll down and get updated!!


About Science Crash Course

It will be a 36 Days paid course, In this video course, Our exam expert(Aditya sir) is going to highlight the ways in which you can prepare for General Science. The syllabus and field of knowledge for general science are extremely vast. So, he will guide you on how and what to study so that you can prepare well in time and also secure good marks in your exam.


Key Benefits of Science Crash Course

  • 25 Live Videos 36 Sessions covering complete syllabus

  • 10 Doubt Classes 5 Live Doubt Sessions For Students

  • 35 Practice Test 30 Live Tests + 5 Practice Tests in Class

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Science Crash Course Schedule (Day-Wise)

The general science paper is divided into 3 categories, which are, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. A candidate can expect around 25-30 questions from each of these topics. To excel in these, a candidate needs to have a clear understanding of the concepts and proper exam strategy. To help you secure good marks, Here is the daily schedule for science Crash Course:

Day Physics (15th Feb – 8th March) Day Chemistry (11th March – 2nd April) Day Biology (3rd April – 24th April)
Day 1 Physical Quantities Day 13 Nature & Composition of Substances Day 25 Doubt Session 7
Day 2 Force & Laws of Motion Day 14 Doubt Session 4 Day 26 Nervous & Endocrine System
Day 3 Doubt Session 1 Day 15 Atom & Compound Day 27 Circulatory System
Day 4 Sound & Waves Day 16 Acid, Bases & Salt Day 28 Reproductive System
Day 5 Heat & Matter Day 17 Chemistry in Everyday Life Day 29 Doubt Session 8
Day 6 Light Day 18 Doubt Session 5 Day 30 Digestive System
Day 7 Doubt Session 2 Day 19 Polymerization & Classification of Elements Day 31 Excretory System
Day 8 Magnetism & Electricity Day 20 Chemical Reaction, Equations & Matter and its nature Day 32 Diversity in Living Organism
Day 9 Nuclear Physics Day 21 Pollution, Gases & Organic Chemistry Day 33 Micro-Organism & Diseases
Day 10 Work, Power & Energy Day 22 Test 2 Chemistry & Doubt Session 6 Day 34 Test 3 Biology & Doubt Session 9
Day 11 Gravitation Day 23 Cells & Tissues Day 35 Test 4 Miscellaneous
Day 12 Test 1 Physics & Doubt Session 3 Day 24 Muscular & Skeletal System Day 36 Test 5 Miscellaneous & Doubt Session 10

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