How to activate TyariPLUS Prepaid on Desktop

How to activate the TyariPLUS Prepaid on Desktop

How to activate TyariPLUS Prepaid on Desktop: OnlineTyari has launched a new product, TyariPLUS to specially assist you to overcome competitive exam hurdles and save your hard-earned rupees. TyariPLUS is a one-stop-shop for all aspirants preparing for government exams. In our previous blog, we gave you insights on how to avail TyariPlus at your Doorsteps.

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In today’s blog, we will assist you on how you can activate your TyariPLUS Prepaid on desktop


How to activate TyariPLUS Prepaid: Step by Step Guide

Follow the below-given steps and activate TyariPLUS on the desktop:

Step 1: Visit OnlineTyari website

Visit and click on TyariPLUS Prepaid at the top.

Step 2: Fill your 5 digit code

Once you click on TyariPLUS, a new window will appear on your screen. Put your 5 digit code and click on next.

Step 3 Fill your Personal details

After you put your 5 digit code, the next step is to fill your personal details and click on Join TyariPLUS

Step 4 Congratulations!! you are a TyariPLUS member

Now you are TyariPLUS member. The subscription is valid for 1 year

Step 4: Access to Unlimited Mock Test

Now you have the access to unlimited mock tests for one year. Choose your exam and click on start test and kick-start your exam preparation.

We hope the above step to step guide has helped you How to activate the TyariPLUS prepaid on desktop.

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