How to Approach Sentence Filler Questions Asked in SBI PO 2017

How to Approach Sentence Filler Questions Asked in SBI PO 2017

How to Approach Sentence Filler Questions Asked in SBI PO 2017: The English section of major government exams is considered to be the most important as well as most intimidating sections of all. A considerable number of aspirants have problems in attempting this section as it is comparatively confusing than the rest. But, with good preparation and practice, this section can easily become the most scoring one.

Among various English topics which include reading comprehension, cloze tests, spotting errors etc., we need to give an equal attention to Sentence Filler/Relevant Sentence/Paragraph Completion too. These are completely new questions for Banking aspirants. For the first time, questions were asked from this topic in SBI PO Mains 2016. Then, the level was too Difficult. Moreover, since it was first-of-its-kind question, many students faced difficulty in attempting it. Surprisingly till now, SSC and Railways have not asked such questions.


How to approach Sentence Filler questions?

Step 1. Read the whole paragraph in one go. Identify its theme and nature. This will help you to eliminate irrelevant option(s).

Step 2. Always look for Flow/Nature of the paragraph. It must be either positive (Praise) or negative (Criticism). Correct option shall match the rhythm of the paragraph.


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Step 3. Search for magical clues. These are such words which help us to guess the correct flow/nature of the paragraph. For example – However, Also, Instead, Furthermore and many more.

Sample example with Explanation 


In the following question, a short passage is given with one of the lines in the passage missing and represented by a blank. Select the best out of the five answer choices given, to make the passage complete and coherent (coherent means logically complete and sound).

—————————————————– Business is instead moving to digital-native insurers, many of which are offering low premiums to those willing to collect and share their data. Yet the biggest winners could be tech companies rather than the firms that now dominate the industry. Insurance is increasingly reliant on the use of technology to change behaviour; firms act as helicopter parents to policyholders, warning of impending harm—slow down; reduce your sugar intake; call the plumber—the better to reduce unnecessary payouts. Yet this sort of relationship relies on trust, and the Googles and Apples of the world, on which consumers rely day-by-day and hour-by-hour, may be best placed to win this business.


(a) The growing mountain of personal data available to individuals and, crucially, to firms is giving those with the necessary processing power the ability to distinguish between low-risk and high-risk individuals.

(b) Cheap sensors and the tsunami of data they generate can improve our lives; blackboxes in cars can tell us how to drive more carefully and wearable devices will nudge us toward healthier lifestyles.


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(c) The better behaviour resulting from smart devices is just one threat to the insurance industry. Conventional risk pools (for home or car insurance, for example) are shrinking as preventable accidents decline, leaving the slow-footed giants of the industry at risk

(d) The uncertainty that underpins the need for insurance is now shrinking thanks to better insights into individual risks.

(e) The data has enabled insurance companies to gauge the situation and plan accordingly.


Here theme is about a change from conventional insurers to modern digital insurers. Now-a-days native insurance businesses are driving towards Digital world. However, new technological companies are still dominating this industry. Their technologies are penetrating daily routines of customers. Also customers rely very positively to share their data. This ‘trending behaviour’ should be noted here.    Now, read the options one by one. Option B is irrelevant. Option D focuses on Need of insurance for a person, which is NOT the theme. Options A and E are in line with the paragraph. But, they can’t be the first sentence to start with. Hence, here answer is option – C.

Smart Explanation

We can also answer this question with the help of Magical Clues (earlier instructed in step 3). Focus on ‘instead (magical clue) moving to digital-native insurers’. Instead means ‘as an alternative to’/’On the contrary’. It means that the preceding sentence should be contrary to digital-native insurers. Clearly, option C stands out.

Should I attempt Sentence Filler question? 

It’s better to skip this question if you are unable to solve it within 1.5 minutes. Always remember that each question has equal weightage. So, why to invest 90 seconds to score 1 mark if it can be in just 20 seconds. We recommend not to experiment with it unless you have a command with extreme practice. Keep this topic for end and attempt if and only if you are full confident.

Why NOT to experiment with Sentence Filler question

  • This question pattern is actually seen in CAT Exams. If you are not well versed, it will kill your precious time.
  • We saw this question in 2016 once. We are unaware of its other pattern/variants. SBI always ask some new questions.
  • It can hamper you to reach even cut-off marks if your experiment goes wrong.


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Here we conclude our article on How to Approach Sentence Filler Questions Asked in SBI PO 2017. Stay tuned for more information regarding the upcoming SBI PO Exam 2017.

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