How to Attempt IAS Prelims 2019: Tips and Strategies

Blog -How To Attempt IAS Prelims 2019- Tips and Strategies

How to Attempt IAS Prelims 2019: The most acclaimed exam of the country is set to kick off in a few months and the pressure of cracking it has been augmenting. The Preliminary Examination for UPSC Civil Services will be conducted on 2nd June 2019.

The constant troubling question of how to attempt IAS prelims must be surfacing in the minds of the aspirants during the last days of the d-day. In this article, we will be providing a few handy and useful last-minute tips to help you in your IAS preparation.


How to Attempt IAS Prelims 2019: Tips and Strategies

Study Management is the key factor in your study and even more important when you have the shortage of time. We know that Syllabus is huge and one cannot revise the entire syllabus just before the competition. Most importantly you must go through these final week revision tips to help you in IAS Exam preparation.

Polish your Talent: Attempt Free Mock Tests

With only a few months left for the IAS preliminary exam, you can definitely start by practicing mocks on a regular basis. Now, you can focus on important study material or mock tests religiously.

Skipping the ‘Essential’ Revision Window

We may not have a sure shot strategy to succeed in this exam but there is one definite way to fail and that is by not revising enough before CSE Prelims.

The questions asked in UPSC IAS Prelims require both skill and ability to recall in order to solve with efficiency. The only way to avoid going clueless in the exam center is by revising multiple times.

Time Management

Learn to efficiently manage the seconds and the hours will take care of themselves goes the adage. Nothing could be truer as the only thing one can’t redeem is the time. The value of time is priceless. Use a large wall or desk calendar with enough space to write a list for each day of the week. Be strict with yourself, and turn discipline into a habit. Plan a timetable as per your schedule and allow specific hours every day for your preparation. In fact, you must increase the number of hours that you spend studying as these are the final few months and you need to get the preparation mode in full swing.

Do not change your Strategy at the Last Minute

If you’ve worked on your own strategy previously, do not stray away from it just for a few more marks. You need to focus on your strengths and manage to maximize your accuracy rather than attempts. Getting Correct Answers will definitely help in boosting your confidence.

Get acquainted with the Exam requirements

IAS Prelims exam tests the endurance of a candidate, hence a candidate should first mentally acquaint himself/herself with the requirements of the Exam. The main limitation that a candidate often faces is the restricted time. A candidate has to answer about 100 questions in 120 minutes, so on an average one gets around 40 seconds for each question. Hence, try to align your strategy accordingly.

According to the previous year cutoff (116), Attempting 60-65 question will be a good score as there are chances the cutoff for this year might go high.

We hope this article provides you with useful information on how to attempt IAS prelims 2019. We would like to wish all IAS Aspirants a Best of Luck for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Examination 2019.

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