How to Attempt IAS Prelims 2016: Tips and Strategy

How to Attempt IAS Prelims 2016: Tips and Strategy

How to Attempt IAS Prelims 2016: The most acclaimed exam of the country is set to kick off in a few days time and the pressure of cracking it has been augmenting. The Preliminary Examination for UPSC Civil Services will be conducted on 7 August 2016. The constant troubling question of how to attempt IAS prelims must be surfacing in the minds of the aspirants during the last days of the d-day.

In this article, we will be providing a few handy and useful tips to help you in your IAS preparation. We have also mentioned some important topics for each section of the prelims exam so that you can give more attention to them instead of covering the whole vast syllabus.

Before heading to the IAS prelims exam strategy, lets have a look at the exam pattern for the IAS preliminary exam.


IAS Prelims Exam Pattern 2016

IAS Prelims comprises of two compulsory papers of 200 marks each ((General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II). The questions will be MCQ objective type in nature. This exam is of qualifying nature and the marks obtained will not be counted for your final ranking.

Paper – I General Studies I 200 Marks Two Hours
Paper- II
General Studies II 200 Marks Two Hours

For paper I i.e. General studies I, you need to secure good marks in order to qualify for the IAS mains examination. Paper II also plays an important part in your selection and you need to secure minimum qualifying marks of 33%. The question papers will be bilingual in nature i.e. English and Hindi. There is sectional cut off for both the papers.

Now let’s head to the exam strategy on how to attempt IAS prelims examination along with the  important topics for each subject.


How to Attempt IAS Prelims 2016

With only 4 days left for the IAS preliminary exam, you can not start over from scratch. Now is not the time to dwell on various study material or mock tests relentlessly. It is time for revision and to brush up all the information regarding important topics. To help you in your final days, we have come up with an exam strategy that will give you a fine insight on the IAS Prelims paper.


History of India and Indian National Movement

There will be a total of 12-16 questions approximately from this particular subject. The topic wise analysis of the questions is given below:

  • Ancient History-3 to 4 questions.
  • Medieval History- 1 to 2 questions.
  • Modern History Including Indian National Movement – 6 to 7 questions.
  • Art & culture -2 to 4 questions.

Important Topics

  • Ancient history- Prehistoric Period, Harappan Civilization, Vedic Period, Buddhism and Jainism, Kingdoms/Empires during the Ancient Period.
  • Medieval History- Religious movements, Political, Social, Economic organization during Delhi Sultanates to Mughals.
  • Modern history- Colonial Rule in India, Religious and Social Reform Movements, Famous Personalities, various revolts/movements/agitations. Type of Administration.
  • Art & Culture (Ancient, Medieval and Modern India).


Indian and World Geography

There will be a total of 15-20 questions approximately from geography subject. The topic wise analysis of the questions is given below:

  • Indian Geography-12 to 15 questions.
  • World Geography- 5 to 8 questions.

Important Topics

  • Indian Geography- Indian physiography, River System in India, Minerals, Climate, Soil, Agriculture, Natural Vegetation, Human Geography.
  • World Geography- The Earth and the Universe, Landforms, Atmosphere, Wind System, Clouds and Precipitation, Hydrosphere, Different Climatic types.


Indian Polity and Governance

There will be a total of 16-22 questions approximately from this subject. The questions will be from Indian Polity only.

Important Topics

Historical background, Making of the Constitution, Philosophy of the Constitution, Union and its Territory, Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy, Amendment of the Constitution, President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Central Council of Ministers, Union, Parliament, State Executive and  State Legislature, Federal System, Emergency Provisions, Judiciary, Constitution Bodies, Non-Constitutional Bodies, Panchayati Raj.


Economic and social development

There will be a total of 16-22 questions approximately. The questions will be based on current economic and social developments of the country.

Important Topics

  • Macro Economics, Microeconomics,  National Income Accounting, Primary , Secondary, Tertiary Sectors, Capitalist, State, Mixed Economic System, Poverty, Inequality, Issues with employment.
  • Development Indicators, Inflation and Business Cycle, Money and Banking Systems, Fiscal Policy, Budget, Taxation, Planning, Market, Public Sector Public Sector Units (PSU’s), External Sector/Foreign Trade, International Economic Organisations, Economic Survey, Social Development, Poverty and Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives.


Environment & Ecology

There will be a total of 20-25 questions approximately from this particular subject.

Important Topics

  • Wildlife and Conservation of flora and fauna, Biodiversity and Conservation, International and Indian laws/Bodies and Policies, Environmental Terminologies and issues related with pollution/water conservation etc.


General Science

There will be a total of 10-15 questions from general science subject.

Important Topics

  • Physics- Gravitational Force, Electromagnetic Force and Energy, Rotation and Revolution of Earth, Recent phenomenon in news,
  • Chemistry- General phenomenon of chemistry, Elements in nature, Nuclear Energy, Properties of elements and compounds, Antioxidant, Isotopes and Artificial Rains
  • Biology- Blood group, DNA, Diseases, Stem Cells, Viruses and bacteria, Minerals and Vitamins
  • Science&Tech.- Bio-technology, IT and Communication, Space Technology, Bio-Chemistry

Apart from the above mentioned subjects, questions on current events of national and international importance will be present.

IAS Solved Paper

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We hope this article provides you with useful information on how to attempt IAS prelims 2016. We would like to wish all IAS Aspirants a Best of Luck for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Examination 2016.

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