How to Attempt MP Police Constable 2016 | Do’s and Don’ts

How to Attempt MP Police Constable 2016

How to Attempt MP Police Constable 2016: The Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) is the primary body which is responsible for conducting exams related to public sector jobs across the state of Madhya Pradesh. One such exam is the MP Vyapam Constable Exam which is scheduled to be held in this month i.e 17th of July. Most of the aspirants might be in the revision phase of their preparation as not many days are left for the exam.

Therefore, now the main priority of all the aspirants should be on how can they boost their overall performance from all the hard work and time that they have put in through the course of these months.

The aspirants need to work on their exam strategy so that they can make the most out of their preparation and score well in the upcoming exam. Instead of getting nervous and stressing out because of the nearing examination dates, the aspirants must keep their cool at all times and try to develop a proper plan for the few days that are left for the exam.


How to Attempt MP Police Constable 2016

We are always here to help you to provide you some relief and will help you develop a strong strategy to overcome your troubles and achieve your goal. So without any further delay, let us get started in creating an efficient exam strategy. But prior to that, we need to have a basic overview of the subjects and exam pattern in brief.

Let us go through the exam pattern first so that we have a clear idea in mind of what and how to study. There will be two types of papers, Paper I and Paper II respectively and the subjects specific for each are mentioned in the tables below.

MP Police Constable Paper I


Name of the Section Marks
General Knowledge and Logical Reasoning 40
Intellectual Ability and Mental Aptitude 30
Science and Simple Mathematics 30

MP Police Constable Paper II

Section Name Questions
Technical Paper based on the topics of Computer Networking Software 100

Now let us shift our attention towards the different topics that are going to be asked in the exam. We will also guide you on How to attempt each section on the basis of the concerned subject.

General Knowledge

This subject is all about how well are you aware of the happenings around you, the country and the world. This is one topic which can give you a great score provided you know the answers. If you are good at memorizing, it becomes an additional bonus for you.

  • Attempt topics related to the history and geography of MP. As it is theoretical, either you know the answer or don’t. So don’t try to guess the answers as it will only lead you to negative marking.
  • Try to attempt this section first as here you do not to calculate anything. So, a part of your paper will be covered quickly and you can utilize the leftover time to solve other difficult questions.

Logical Reasoning and Mental Aptitude

These are very significant topics and constitute for about 30-50 percent out of the total for Paper I. Many questions are put forward to check the intellectual ability of the aspirant. These questions can however be tricky and confusing at times.

  • Don’t waste more than 3-4 minutes on any particular question. Avoid getting confused by the language of the question. If you have any doubt, you can mark it and review it later on.
  • Try to solve case-lets, as these usually have a set of questions with common information. It saves your time and also helps you to attempt more number of marks.
  • Solve questions with precision as all options have nearby values to confuse you.
  • These questions are designed to check your presence of mind, so analyze and apply logic and go with your instinct.

Science and Simple Mathematics

  • Avoid solving questions that involve lengthy calculations. You can come back to them later.
  • Try to use shortcut techniques for square root, cube.
  • Always attempt the questions from topics that you are good at. It increases your confidence level.
  • Don’t try to guess any questions from topics of science. Only attempt if you are sure.
  • For mathematics, always cross examine the values given as sometimes we tend to write wrong values in a rush.

Computer Technology

This is a vast topic where in a number of questions will be asked. You need to be thorough with these as you will get a limited time to solve it.

  • Questions can be both theoretical and technical in nature. So, never try to play the guessing game.
  • Don’t try to attempt Paper II in one go. Instead solve the questions that you master in first and leave the others which you feel less comfortable for later review.
  • Since the time allotted to solve 100 questions is 120 minutes, you have a minute on an average for every question. So, try to stick to that time frame.

We hope that this last minute article on Do’s and Don’ts of the MP Vyapam Constable Exam will guide through the examination and help you score better. We wish you good luck for the forthcoming exam.

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