How to Attempt OnlineTyari All India Test?


How to Attempt OnlineTyari All India Test? An All India Test (AIT) conducted by OnlineTyari brings together government job aspirants competing for the exam. Not only this, but there are many other benefits of participating in an OnlineTyari AIT. Click here to read Benefits of OnlineTyari All India Test.

So if you are really planning to crack a government exam to get your dream job, I would definitely suggest you participate in your relevant AIT’s listed on OnlineTyari website as well as app.

Now the next most relevant question is, “How to Attempt an OnlineTyari AIT?”

How to Attempt OnlineTyari All India Test?

Here are a few easy steps all students and/or aspirants can use to participate OnlineTyari’s upcoming AIT:

Step 1: Visit OnlineTyari Website or Open OnlineTyari App

The first and foremost step for participating in OnlineTyari AIT is to visit the official website or open the app.

Step 2: Click on All India Test

Click on All India Test section after clicking the three bars on the top left-hand corner and select All India Test section.


Step 3: Choose the Relevant AIT Exam

Once you enter the AIT section, you will find a list of all upcoming All India Tests. You can select your exam and click view details on the relevant AIT. If the AIT isn’t live you will get an option to Add Reminder after you click View Details on the relevant AIT. Please note you have to be logged in with your email id or Facebook account to participate in All India Tests.

If the AIT is live, then you will get a set of instructions after you click on the AIT and you can click Start Test to begin your test.

Step 4: Click Submit and Check Results Within Next 2 Days

After you have submitted your AIT answers by filling up the right choice for every question or skipping the question, you will receive your results within the next 2 days. The answers will be checked by our exam expert.

Step 5: Check Rank, Scores, and Analysis

The result you receive will not only contain your rank and scores, but also the correct answers for each and every question. Along with this, each student or aspirant who has participated in an All India Test will receive a detailed analysis. This analysis will contain both strong and weak points of the participant.

AIT’s conducted by OnlineTyari have proven to be for many of our students. Click here to read success stories of aspirants who have participated in All India Test. Want to increase your chances of clearing your upcoming government exam? Join TyariPLUS and practice unlimited mock test. Read below to know more benefits of TyariPLUS.

Benefits of TyariPLUS

  • Unlimited Access to Mock Tests
  • Detailed performance report
  • One free counseling session
  • Free monthly current affairs digest
  • Ad-free experience & more


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