How To Attempt Railway ALP Mock Tests On OnlineTyari Website

How To Attempt Railway ALP Mock Tests On OnlineTyari Website

How To Attempt Railway ALP Mock Tests On OnlineTyari Website: What is the best strategy to clear RRB ALP Exam? Well, if you ask the toppers they would say- Opt for Mock Test Series. Giving the opportunity for candidates to practice mock test series before they take the real thing has a huge benefit on their scores.

This article is regarding the Online RRB ALP Test series which you can try and make it as a part of exam preparation strategy. Trying this mock tests will surely help you in getting a high score!! Here is the step by step guide on how to attempt RRB ALP Mock Test on OnlineTyari’s Website.


Step by Step Guide to Attempt RRB ALP Mock Test

All Railway exams require keen eyes and a definitive decision-making ability just like any other government exam. With the RRB ALP just around the corner, it is very essential to take practice by taking RRB ALP Mock Test. Here is a quick guide or tour on how to attempt RRB ALP Mock tests on Onlinetyari’s Website

Step 1: Login With Your Registered Email ID

As soon as you visit our website i.e, a screen will appear where you have to Log in with your registered email id. Once you are registered with us, it will take you to Onlinrtyari’s Dashboard. Already registered users or users who are already logged into the website will find the Dashboard tab on the home screen of the website.

Step 2: Dashboard Store

Now you have entered our newly launched dashboard store and you can view all available exam categories on the left side.

Step 3: Select your Exam

You will be provided with a list of government exams, You have the privilege to select from free and paid mock tests available on the website.


Step 4: Start Test

If you are a new user and attempting the test for the first time, an option of “Start Test” will appear on your screen. Just click on it and get going.

Step 4: Read Instruction

After selecting the option “Start Test” A screen will appear listing the instructions to be followed. Read the instructions carefully and click on the “NEXT” Button.

Step 5: Choose your Language

Once you click on the next button you will land on the next screen where you will have the access to change the language. Once you are ready click on “Ready to Begin”

Step 6: Select the Correct Answer

Once you click on ready you will be time bound and you will be given one hour time to finish the mock test. You have you select one correct answer from the four options provided. Keep moving to the next question until you go to the last question.

Step 7: Submit Your Answers

Once you’ve answered all the questions. Click on the submit button to submit your report.

Step 7: Overall Analysis

On the basis of your answers, a report will be prepared which will display your score and rank. You have the access to reattempt the test if you wish to. Reattempting the test will help you increase your score.

Step 8: See Solutions

If you have already attempted a test, you may click on “See Solution” and directly go and check your result and solutions or reattempt the test. So you can get help by practicing mock test series before the final exam to manage time and increase your speed.

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