How to Attempt RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer 2016: Do’s & Don’ts

How to Attempt RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer 2016

How to Attempt RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer 2016: The Rajasthan Public Service Commission is the premier commission of the government of Rajasthan, for organizing recruitment exams, procedures for recruiting employees, officers to various departments of the government. The RPSC has issued a notification regarding the recruitment exam of grade 1 lecturer which is scheduled to be organized in the month of July.

The need of this hour is to have a planned strategy in your mind so that you can attempt the exam in a strategized manner and maximize the output and scoring as many marks as you can.


How to Attempt RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer 2016

We are here with some tips and tricks that will help you to boost your performance in the exam in terms of accuracy and speed, therefore, increasing the overall efficiency which in turn improves helps you score even better.

Studying is important but it will only give you good results if you combine it with smartness and wisdom. But before we dig into that, we will discuss the exam pattern in brief.

Paper I (General Awareness and General Studies)

Subject Questions Marks
History of Rajasthan and Indian History with special emphasis on Indian National Movement 15 30
Mental Ability Test, Statistics (Secondary Level), Mathematics (Secondary Level), Language Ability Test: Hindi, English 20 40
Current Affairs 10 20
General Science, Indian Polity, Geography of Rajasthan 15 30
Educational Management, Educational Scenario in Rajasthan, Right to Education Act, 2009 15 30

Paper II (Subject Oriented)

Subject Questions Marks
Knowledge of Subject Concerned: Senior Secondary Level 55 110
Knowledge of Subject Concerned: Graduation Level 55 110
Knowledge of Subject Concerned: Post Graduation Level 10 20
Educational Psychology, Pedagogy, Teaching Learning Material, Use of Computers and Information Technology in Teaching Learning. 30 60

Some of the important things to keep in mind,

  • The total number of marks for both the exams is 450.
  • The time allotted for Paper 1 is one and a half hours and for Paper 2 is three hours respectively.
  • The questions will be objective in nature (i.e Multiple Choice Questions)
  • For every wrong answer, one-third of the marks prescribed for that particular question will be deducted.

Now, let us try to understand the basic principles that you need to follow while writing the examination. So here are a few pointers and insights that will help you through the exam.

We will guide you on how to attempt different questions section-wise,

How to Attempt RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer General Awareness Test

  • Attempt the topics related to history and geography of Rajasthan, current affairs, Indian polity, general science and educational management as here you don’t have to solve anything and the answers will be quick and won’t take much of your precious time.
  • Don’t try to guess the answer as all that you know is theoretical. You either know the answer or you don’t.

How to Attempt RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer Mental Ability Test

  • Calculate the basic squares, roots and cubes for higher using shortcut techniques. Try to memorize squares and cubes of numbers from 1-20.
  • Don’t spend more than 2-4 minutes on a single question as it might waste your time.
  • Be precise with your solutions as all the options will have values almost near to confuse you.
  • Solve the questions from the topics you are good at. It will boost your confidence level.
  • Avoid questions that have a lot of calculation. You can review them later on.

How to Attempt RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer Computer Knowledge Test

  • Only attempt the questions that you are confident about.
  • Mark the questions you are unsure of. Review the questions later on if you have time.
  • Don’t get stuck in one section. Always remember time management is the key to clear these exams.

Now to crack the RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer Recruitment Examination 2016, here is a quick list of the do’s don’ts that you must include into the exam strategy to qualify the exam.


RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer 2016: Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do read the guidelines of the examination very carefully. Before every section pay special attention to the negative marking applicable.
  2. Do read the questions and the values very carefully as wrong values can lead to wrong answers.
  3. Do revise the exam before you hand over the paper to the examiner.
  4. Do give your exam with full concentration.
  5. Don’t try to focus on the number of questions solved rather focus on the accuracy.
  6. Do try to solve questions from the topics on which you have a steady hold. It will help you manage time and boosts your confidence.
  7. Do not try to guess the answers. Only mark the answer if you are sure.
  8. Do attempt your paper with a relaxed mind. It will help understand the exam better.
  9. Don’t get stressed out if you don’t know an answer. Instead, focus on your strengths.
  10. Don’t try to solve topics that appear new to you.
  11. Do keep a track of time.
  12. Do try to attempt at least the minimum number of marks required for cut-off from a particular section.
  13. Don’t try to solve the entire paper. Solve what you know first then come back later on for review.
  14. Do analyze the question at least for 4-5 seconds before you start solving it as prevention is better than cure.

We hope that this exam strategy will be helpful to you. We wish all the luck to the aspirants for the upcoming RPSC Grade 1 Lecturer Recruitment Examination 2016. Our good wishes are always with you.

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