How to Attempt RRB NTPC 2016 | Do’s and Don’ts

How to Attempt RRB NTPC 2016

How to Attempt RRB NTPC 2016: The Non-Technical Railways Exam has finally begun. This will be the most widely attempted recruitment exam this year, with an estimated 1 crore applicants competing for 18252 non-technical vacancies. We hope you are moving ahead with the best strategy in mind. But then again, for the sake of all RRB candidates, we have compiled a concise plan of action to crack RRB NTPC Examination.


How to Attempt RRB NTPC 2016 Examination    

As we have notified time and again about RRB NTPC Exam Syllabus, there will be 4 sections in the written examination, namely, General Awareness, Arithmetic, General Intelligence and Reasoning.

The total marks will be 100 and the time allotted to solve the entire paper is 90 minutes. In case of an incorrect answer, one-third of the marks allotted to that question will be deducted.

 Name of the Section  Number of Questions asked  Marks allotted
 Arithmetic Ability  20  20
 Reasoning & General Intelligence  25  25
 General Awareness  30  30
 General Science  25  25

Let us understand what should be the go-to strategy for an ideal RRB NTPC candidate for each section.


How to Attempt Arithmetic Ability Questions in RRB NTPC Examination  

  • Make sure you are familiar with all tables from 1 to 20 as well as square and cube roots upto 30. It will help in faster calculations in written examination.
  • Do not play the guessing game when it comes to selecting an option as most of them will be close-by to confuse you.
  • Always start with the questions from the topics which you are comfortable with.
  • Do not spend more than 3-4 minutes on any quant based question as it might take consume your overall time meant for other sections.


How to Attempt Reasoning Ability Questions in RRB NTPC Examination  

  • Analogy & Coding-Decoding based questions should be solved first.
  • Do not get confused by the language of the question.
  • Try to solve with a specific vision as there will be more than one approach for solving reasoning questions.


How to Attempt General Awareness Questions in RRB NTPC Examination

This section has the maximum weightage among all the sections.

  • Cover all the important news topics related to economics, national-international issues, railway budget etc. dating back to atleast 3 months before.
  • Do not try to play the guessing game here. You either know it or you don’t.


How to Attempt General Science Questions in RRB NTPC Examination  

  • Most questions will be based on Elementary understanding of GS concepts. If you have read the old NCERT books, you are good and ready for the examination.
  • Try to attempt the straightforward questions first.
  • Try to keep your technique simple. The level of difficulty might vary but you can select the ones you are most comfortable with.

Following a definitive exam strategy will be the main essence behind a good score in RRB NTPC Examination. To top it off, here are a few things you should follow while attempting the written examination for RRB Non-Technical Post.


Do’s and Don’ts while attempting RRB NTPC 2016

  • Do read the examination guidelines carefully.
  • Do attempt questions which can be solved by inspection or elimination method.
  • Do read questions properly, especially reasoning based.
  • Do not procrastinate while attempting the written exam. Concentrate.
  • Do not over-attempt. Accuracy trumps number of attempts. Mind that.
  • Do not finish the written exam without revising. There might a few corrections.

We conclude our article on how to attempt RRB NTPC Examination here. May you achieve good results in the upcoming RRB Non-Technical Examination.

“All the Best to all RRB NTPC Aspirants”

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    • These are just a few tips that will be helpful, this is nothing mandatory. In case you follow, you will definitely get benefited.

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