How To Avoid Failure In Bank Exams?

How To Avoid Failure In Bank Exams

Banking is a field chosen by many students every year. While some clear the exam in a single attempt, others struggle to clear it in their last attempt. There could be many broad reasons to explain this situation, however there are only a few genuine reasons. Let us understand the reasons students are unable to crack banking exams, and methods they can use to avoid failure in bank exams:

Huge Competition

Just like any other sector, banking is also one of the most prestigious sector of our nation. Last year more than 30 lakh people applied for banking exams, however there were close to 20 lakh vacancies across PAN India.

The huge competition make even a single mark or a single negative mark decrease the candidates overall rank. Therefore, taking any banking exam lightly leads to failure in bank exam and deprives students from a valuable chance to their dream post(s).

How to avoid huge competition ?

The best ways to cope up with huge competition are as following:

a) Appear for competitive practice exams such as All India Test by Onlinetyari before final exam.

b) Time your results or practice free mock test online to time your ranking as well as section wise results. Click here to know more.

c) Practice with question banks. This will help to incorporate speed and accuracy in students before the finals.

Lack Of Understanding

The banking sector demands understanding basic concepts. Candidates aspiring to become an SBI PO or IBPS Clerk, need at least the basic knowledge of their job profiles. Additionally, a sufficient amount of knowledge is required to select or write the correct answers during the exam.

A lot of students fail to build understanding of concepts, and therefore are unable to clear the simplest questions asked within the exam.

How to avoid lack of understanding ?

Since lack of understanding develops because of lack of training or knowledge, therefore the only way is to gain the latter. Here are a few tips to help students cope up with their lack of understand:

a) Practice Free Tests- Both Online & Offline

b) Appear for all online competitive exams, such as AIT or All India Test conducted by Onlinetyari.

c) Utilize online quizzes and contest to test your concepts as well as knowledge base.

Exam Pattern

Although this is one of the most known phenomenon for any government, however students have been seen to avoid it from time to time. Evidently, lack of knowledge about exam pattern leaves students stressed during the final exam. However, this is one of the easiest things students can do to avoid scoring less or failure in bank exams.

How to avoid lack of knowledge for exam pattern ?

Although exam patterns change every now and then, however there are certain aspects which can be looked upon. These are:

a) Reading and attempting previous year papers.

b) Staying up-to-date about news related to pattern change.

c) Clearing doubts related to exam pattern from experts on YouTube or other social media channels.

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Time Management

Time management is a skill developed by practice, and not by preach. All students who have cleared banking exams in first attempt or in any recurring attempt have learnt about time management. However, students who were unable to crack banking exams or have faced failure in bank exams this year lagged in their skill of managing time.

How to avoid lagging behind in Time Management ?

The basic criteria of time management is based on knowledge and usage of skills. To acquire both of these, students must:

a) Study and test through online mock exams

b) Discuss their doubts on discussions forums, instead of with a single source.

c) Ask experts on YouTube, and other social media channels.

If these three steps are followed adequately by students then there is high chance that they would be able to manage time during their exams. This will give them sufficient time to revise their paper before proceeding for submission.

Section Wise Knowledge

There are 4 or 5 sections within any banking exam. Students who have cleared banking exams had adequate knowledge regarding each of these sections. At the same time, candidates who have encountered failure in bank exams or couldn’t rank in the first or recurring attempt lagged behind in any one or more such section.

How to avoid lack of section wise knowledge ?

Broadly speaking lack of section wise knowledge can be avoided by the following steps:

a) Gain understanding about total number of questions and marks according to current pattern.

b) Read only topics mentioned within the syllabus.

c) Get ideas about sections of any banking exam from previous paper.

Conclusively, students shouldn’t feel bad about not being able to clear the banking exams this year. At the same time, they should understand the importance on these five points to clear their upcoming exams.


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