How to Crack NABARD Grade A, B Officer Prelims Exam 2016

How to Crack NABARD Grade A, B Officer Prelims Exam 2016

How to Crack NABARD: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development will be recruiting 115 Asst Managers and Managers in total this year. Candidates who have applied for NABARD Recruitment 2016 will be facing the Prelims Written Exam first, followed by Mains and Interview. Do you have plan on how to crack NABARD Prelims Examination? If not, please read our preparation tips and exam strategy on how to prepare and crack NABARD Prelims Examination in the first attempt.

To secure a good score in NABARD Prelims, let us understand the basic exam pattern of the Written Examination.


NABARD Exam Pattern (Prelims) | Grade A, B Officer

The preliminary exam is a common online test for both Grade A & B posts, that is to be held on May 15th as per revised dates. The Written Exam will consist of 2 parts.

Part I consists of questions from the following sections:

  1. Test of Reasoning – 40 marks
  2. English Language – 40 marks
  3. Computer Knowledge – 20 marks
  4. General Awareness – 20 marks
  5. Quantitative Aptitude – 30 marks

Part II consists of questions from the following sections:

  1. Economic & Social issues – 25 marks
  2. Agriculture & Rural Development – 25 marks

The total marks allotted for Phase I is 200 marks & you are required to answer all questions within 2 hours (120 minutes). The section-wise preparation tips for NABARD Prelims is as follows.


Tips to Crack NABARD Prelims (Section-Wise)

To get an overall good score in NABARD Recruitment Examination, you need to pool in your efforts for each section. Try to cover and master the topics you know and introduce new techniques which help in saving time.

The section-wise tips and tricks on how to prepare and crack NABARD Grade A, B Prelims Examination are as follows.

Paper I: NABARD Prelims for Grade A, B Officer

There will be 5 sections with variable number of questions and the total marks will be 150. The preparation tips for each section are as follows.

1. Preparation Tips for English Language 

For English Language Section in NABARD Prelims Examination, you need to start practising and solving questions/ problems based on Précis Writing, Reading Comprehensions, English Grammar, Vocabulary and Sentence Correction.

Improve your reading speed and try to solve as many questions as you can before the examination day. If you are alternately preparing for other bank exams, consider your major portion covered.

2. Preparation Tips for General Awareness 

For NABARD Examination, major portion is covered by Current as well as Static Topics based on National and International News, Banking and Banking Terminologies. For Current Affairs, try to cover as much as you can from the past 3-6 months.

3. Preparation Tips for Computer Awareness

You don’t need much practice to do well in this section. Knowledge of basic terms and elementary understanding of how a computer system works will be good enough.

Some of the other essential topics are Computer Hardware, Software, Printers, Operating System and Networking. Try to cover only the basics and do not waste time digging deep in these topics.

4. Preparation Tips for Quantitative Aptitude

You might need to up your preparation stance in this section. The questions asked from this section will be from Profit and Loss, Average, Simple and Compound Interest, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Pipe and Cistern, Number System, Missing Number in the Series, etc.

To save time and optimally solve maximum number of questions, try shortcut techniques and memorize tables, squares, cubes, common fraction to decimals and common square roots and cube roots.

5. Preparation Tips for Reasoning Aptitude

The questions will be from Letter Series, Coding Decoding, Sitting Arrangement, Puzzles, Input-Output, etc. Practice is the key to success in reasoning questions. But apart from practice, you also need to build a proper strategy for applying multiple approach to questions.

Reasoning questions can be tricky so you need to stay vigilant throughout. Always inspect the type of options asked in the question.

Paper II: NABARD Prelims for Grade A, B Officer

The second paper in the prelims written examination is more focused on economic, social and agricultural issues. This section requires a very specific set of knowledge and approach. The syllabus is quite massive but elementary knowledge can help boost the overall score significantly.

1. Preparation Tips for Economic and Social Issues

This newly introduced section will test your knowledge and skill in the field of economic and social development.

Some of the essential topics can be Globalization, Economic Reforms, Poverty Alleviation, Population Trends, Population Policy, Industry and Labour Policy, Rural Development etc. You can cover all the basics and we think it will be good enough for getting a decent score in this section. Since, this is the first time this section will be asked in Prelims Exam, there is a certain level of uncertainty.

2. Preparation Tips for Agriculture and Rural Development

This section will definitely be a tough nut to crack. Still, like always, you need to cover the basics first. Begin by understanding the basic terminologies used in the world of agriculture and try to relate to each of them.

As far as we can expect, the questions will be more directed towards a particular topic, rather than a detailed descriptive one.

3. Preparation Tips for Economics and FInance

This section will be attempted only by those candidates who have applied for the post of Manager (Grade B). Questions in this section will be based on Development Economics, Statistics, Finance and Management. The syllabus is given in this paper and again the questions are expected to be of elementary nature direct questions. You need follow an analytical approach for solving a few questions from this section.

We hope these preparation tips help you qualify in NABARD Prelims Examination. For any queries or doubts, please comment in the section below.

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