How to crack UPTET 2015: Preparation Tips, Important Topics


UPTET 2015 is only a month away. Most aspirants are browsing the internet in search of best preparation tips and study guide for the upcoming exam. Worry no more. This article is all about UPTET Preparation Tips 2015. Read each point carefully and understand how to utilize the remaining time in the best way possible. We will also point out a few topics from each section which are necessary to master in order to crack UPTET 2015.

But first, let us understand the exam pattern and marking scheme.


Understanding UPTET Exam Pattern 2015

As we know from our previous post, there will be 2 separate exams.  One will be for Primary Teacher and the other for Upper Primary Teacher. The various sections of UPTET are Pedagogy, Language (English, Hindi, Urdu), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Environmental Studies.

UPTET 2015 – Paper I

Subject No. of Questions No. of Marks
Pedagogy 30 questions 30 marks
Hindi 30 questions 30 marks
English / Urdu 30 questions 30 marks
Mathematics 30 questions 30 marks
Environmental Studies 30 questions 30 marks

UPTET 2015 – Paper II

Subject No. of Questions No. of Marks
Pedagogy 30 questions 30 marks
Hindi 30 questions 30 marks
English / Urdu 30 questions 30 marks
Mathematics & Science / Social Studies 60 questions 60 marks

The marking scheme, total number of questions and time in both exams is the same. Candidates will be attempting 150 Questions in 150 minutes. There is no negative marking. For more details, you may read our previous post on UPTET Exam Syllabus and Pattern 2015.

Here are a few Preparation Tips and Tricks for UPTET 2015 which every candidate must follow.


 UPTET Preparation Tips 2015

Just follow these simple tips and study hacks to complete your UPTET preparation in time and score better.

1. Know what you know  

You cannot know everything. But you definitely know something. In the list of UPTET Preparation Tips 2015, this is where you start. Go back to the place where you have written all the UPTET topics and mark the ones you’ve mastered till now. Your focus should be primarily on the stronger sections.

2. Solve UPTET Previous Years Question Papers

In UPTET 2015, there might be a number of questions with the same premise or layout. Knowing a method to solve such questions will definitely improve overall scores. Hence, solving old question papers is important. Most aspirants ignore yet this is an extremely important preparation tip.

3. Analyze your Performance

Competition is tough. If there is even the tiniest possibility of improvement, you should go for it. Analyze your performance after attempting each mock test or question bank on UPTET format. This will help you in understanding which areas need more work and where you are making maximum mistakes.

If you are preparing for UPTET 2015 Paper 1, try our Practice Test Series from the link below.

4. Skip Hardwork, Try Smartwork

Hard work is the way to be. But only when you have a lot of time. For the late bloomers who think all is lost, maybe it isn’t. Just go for the important topics and solve as many questions as you can. UPTET is comparatively easy compared to UPSC and IBPS PO. For information regarding important topics in both papers, refer to the section of UPTET Preparation Tips 2015.

5. Child Development and Pedagogy – Don’t Skip

This section is the essential one. You need to be interested in Child Development and Teaching Techniques if you even wish to crack UPTET 2015. This section is more about your perception rather than bookish knowledge. Refer proper study material and books for this one.

6. Accuracy and Attempt

The final point in UPTET Preparation Tips 2015. We all know that there is no negative marking. But still, you need to focus more on accuracy rather than attempting each and every question. Begin with the section you are most confident about, and then proceed from section to section. Marks the ones you don’t know only if there is surplus time.

This was our set of UPTET Preparation Tips 2015. Now we move to the section where we talk about important topics under UPTET 2015.


UPTET Important Topics 2015

There are a number of sections in both papers. We shall provide a few preparation tips for each section. This will definitely boost scores in actual UPTET 2015 Exam.

1. Pedagogy

This section is essential. Unfortunately, this is also a challenging one. Since this section is all about Child Development and Best Learning and Teaching Habits, you need to go through each subject carefully.

Important Topics: Concepts of Learning, Best Teaching Activities, Understanding Diverse Learners (Backward, Mentally Retarded, specially abled etc.), National Curriculum Framework 2005 and Teaching Learning Process.

2. Language (English/ Hindi/ Urdu)

The questions will mostly be elementary. You need to focus more on basics. Read newspaper and articles in the language on a daily basis for the next 1 month. Both speed and accuracy are required.

Important Topics: English Teaching, Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching, Language Difficulties and Disorders, Unseen Prose and Passage.

3. Mathematics

This section might be problematic. The syllabus is quite vast and spread out. But the level of difficulty of the questions asked is easy to moderate. Hence, you should at least learn all the formulas.

Important Topics: Number Systems, Mathematical Operations, Language Mathematics, Geometry, Percentages, Mensuration, Formal and Information Methods of Evaluation, Error Analysis and Remedial Teaching.

4. Environmental Studies

Multiple topics have been clubbed together. Apart from UPTET Syllabus, you need to have your own point of view while attempting questions on Family, Relationships and Social Abuses. Old NCERT Books will be helpful.

Important Topics: House Building, Consumer Protection, Festivals, Common Diseases, Transport and Communication, Conservation of Species, Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy and Significance of Environment Studies.

5. Science

Boost your scores with Science. Most questions can be easily attempted. Again, Old NCERT Books will be great. For other topics, just refer to online study material like eBooks and Docs.

Important Topics: Sources and Components of Food, Natural Resources and Phenomena, How Things Work, Understanding Science, Innovation and Cognitive Evaluation.

6. Social Studies

This section surpasses everything. Questions on History, Geography, Social and Political Life will be asked here. The level of difficulty is quite varying. Apart from learning, Question involving Politics can be solved by your own understanding of social issues.

Important Topics: Ancient India, Prominent Kings and Queens, Colonialism and Tribal Societies, Revolt of 1857, Nationalist Movement, India After Independence, Agriculture, Human Environment, Water, Understanding Government Structure, Gender and Social Justice, Diversity, Democracy and Critical Thinking Development. 

We really hope this article on UPTET Preparation Tips 2015 and Important Topics helps you. If there are any queries, please mention in the comment section below.

All the Best to all UPTET Aspirants

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