Beginner’s Guide on How to Prepare for GATE 2017

Beginner's Guide on How to Prepare for GATE 2017

GATE Preparation Tips 2017: Be it a Masters Degree in Engineering from an IIT or a prestigious job in the Public Sector, qualifying in GATE Examination is an achievement in its own way. With only a limited seats up for grab, the competition is getting more and more fierce with passing years. The question of ‘how to prepare for GATE’ has been surfacing in the minds of students for a long time. Numerous books and coaching are available for students who are looking for help in the preparation phase, however all these things might fail if you don’t have your own preparation strategy in place.

A general perspective is that 5-6 months is the idle time span required for preparing for the GATE 2017 exam. However, this does not hold true for all the candidates because each student comes with a different aptitude. The time span you require for preparing well for the GATE examination may vary based on your aptitude and academic performance in the past. In order to excel in competitive exams, you need a planned strategy or a study plan. In this article we will provide some essential preparation tips and study plan for cracking the GATE Examination. 


How to Prepare for GATE 2017

As GATE is considered one of the toughest exams in the country, at graduate level, one requires arduous efforts to crack the examination. Thus, it is important apply your efforts in the right direction and work hard long the course. Continuous practice and smart planning is the way forward. The age old question of ‘how to prepare for GATE’ can be solved through the following mentioned preparation tips:

Practice with Previous Year’s Papers

Assuming that you have been a fairly decent student through your graduation years, we recommend you start with getting hold of previous year’s GATE question papers. Now start solving the papers religiously and develop an understanding into the solutions of the questions. Side by side keep a track of the type of questions asked, their weightage and your performance. This exercise will help you locate important chapters, your personal strength and weaknesses when it comes to GATE syllabus. It is imperative that you refer to previous years paper simultaneously while studying for the exam. The questions as such may not be repeated from year to year but the style of questions asked sure does.

Prepare with Mock Tests

As only 4-5 months are left for the GATE Exam, it is important for you to set aside 30-45 days for Mock Tests. Follow this practice with mock tests religiously. Solve each and every question of the mock tests and analyze your performance. In this way, you get aware of the core areas where you need help.

Fix a Daily Goal

Fix a short daily goal for studying a new topic or giving a mock test. Fix the goal in terms of of the amount of work that you need to do and not with the amount of hours. Never be impractical about the goal that you set for yourself otherwise the pending tasks will keep piling up. Never put unnecessary amount of pressure on your minds. Try to achieve your goals by the end of the day and if you still have time left then revise some subject and try setting a bit bigger goal for the next day.

Understand the Concepts

As the areas where you are critically weak surface, it’s time to jump to their basics with standard engineering books. Spend time to understand concepts and build your basics. Do not stop practicing mock tests or question banks. Once you get your basics cleared, start preparing through the reference material provided for the exam. 

Revise in the last month

One month from the exam, begin a revision exercise and go through everything in a systematic manner. Make a separate notebook of numerical formulas and techniques. This eases down the revision process and is a huge help when you are short on time.

We hope this article on how to prepare for GATE examination will help you kick start your preparation for the upcoming engineering exams. Start by looking at overall exam analysis for the main engineering papers of the GATE exam. Refer to the following links for the same:

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