How to Prepare for General Science in RPSC RAS Prelims 2016

How to Prepare for General Science in RPSC RAS Prelims 2016

How to Prepare for General Science in RPSC RAS Prelims 2016: The RPSC RAS Examination organized by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is around the corner and candidates are already in full swing for their preparation. The preliminary exam will be held on the 28th August 2016. All the aspirants must be dreading the D-day as it is not far away.

We have already discussed the tips on how to prepare for general knowledge for prelims in our previous article. In this segment, we are going to highlight the ways in which you can prepare for General Science for RPSC RAS prelims. The syllabus and field of knowledge for general science are extremely vast. So, we will guide you on how and what to study so that you can prepare well in time and also secure good marks in your exam.


How to Prepare for General Science in RPSC RAS Prelims

The general science paper of RPSC RAS exam is divided into 4 categories, which are, Science and Technology, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. A candidate can expect around 25-30 questions from each of these topics. To excel in these, a candidate needs to have a clear understanding of the concepts and proper exam strategy. To help you secure good marks, we have mentioned some important preparation tips for RPSC RAS Prelims below:

  • More emphasis is laid on Science and Technology and Biology. Hence, you should start your preparation with these topics.
  • Aspirants can refer to NCERT books for clarity on concepts. NCERT books have always been the best guide for beginners to clarify their concepts and basics.
  • Mostly, in the current scenario, more questions are based on the current developments in the field of science. So, you should update yourself with current affairs and news regarding latest developments and discoveries in science.
  • Rather than cramming facts, now the commission is focusing on application of knowledge, observation and utilization. The main viewpoint behind this step is that individuals who do not belong to this stream can also imply these basics in day to day life.
  • Solve previous year’s papers questions to know about the structure and pattern of questions. The candidate must devote at least 6 hours a day for preparation. You should spend more time on solving more and more question banks and also revise whatever you learn throughout the week.
  • Since on an average, a candidate has 2 minutes per question, he/she must work on speed and accuracy too. Time management should be the primary concern for RPSC RAS Prelims candidates. Solve various mock tests in a particular time frame to increase speed and accuracy.

We have also prepared topic wise analysis for each of the subjects in general science paper.  Let us discuss these topics along with their preparation technique.

How to Prepare for General Science: Biology

Biology section constitutes a major portion of the general science paper. So, a candidate should give more attention and time to this topic.

  • The main focus in biology is on zoology. Human body and diseases constitute a major portion of the biology subject. Out of this, communicable diseases and nutrition are given utmost importance, especially digestive system, circulatory system and reproductive system, genetics, various diseases and their control measures occupy the most important place.
  • You can get q few questions from botany which primarily includes biological diversity and plant system. Other important topics are plant physiology, plant tissues, plants with economic significance and genetic model of Mendel.
  • You should keep yourself updated on all the current developments.

How to Prepare for General Science: Physics

Physics is the second-most important topic of General Science paper.

  • The basic principles of the candidates must be clear.
  • The main topics of physics subject are Newton’s laws, Laws of thermodynamics, Heat, Sound, Law of Optics, and Nuclear Physics.
  • Practical knowledge and its implementation is very important.

How to Prepare for General Science: Chemistry

Chemistry subject constitutes a very little portion of general science paper. Main topics covered in the chemistry subject are  periodic table, organic compounds, chemicals of economic use, important minerals and their ores.

How to Prepare for General Science: Science and Technology

This topic is also important as it focuses on the latest and major developments that are helpful for the country’s development.

  • Try to read newspapers and articles from internet to stay aware of latest updates in the field of technology.
  • Topics related to testing of missiles, and defense institutions are important.

We hope that these preparation tips for general science paper of RPSC RAS Prelims will be helpful to you. We wish all the luck to the aspirants for the upcoming RPSC RAS Recruitment Examination 2016. Our good wishes are always with you.

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