How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for SSC CGL 2016

How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for SSC CGL 2016 (1)

How to Prepare for Reasoning & General Intelligence: The Staff Selection Commission released the official notification for SSC CGL 2016 last month. The application window for Combined Graduate Level Examination has been extended to 21 and 24 March 2016. A lot of SSC aspirants have already submitted the SSC CGL Application Form and started preparing for the upcoming SSC CGL 2016 Examination. But, we can expect a lot of candidates to be confused right now regarding where to start, what to read and how to prepare.

  • How to start preparing for Reasoning Section of SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1?
  • Which topics are most important in Reasoning?
  • How to make a proper study plan for scoring good in all sections of SSC CGL 2016?

For SSC Tier 1, we have created a series of articles, tackling each section one at a time. We will begin with How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability in SSC CGL 2016. This article will inform you SSC candidates regarding the types of questions asked in Reasoning and General Ability Test, the crucial topics which require more practice and preparation tips for Reasoning Section in SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 Examination. But first, let us analyze the reasoning section from last years paper, i.e, SSC CGL 2015 Recruitment Exam.


Analysis of SSC CGL 2015 Reasoning & General Intelligence 

The section of Reasoning Ability and General Intelligence constitutes 25% of the total score in SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination. The table below shows the exam pattern of SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam (Tier-I).

 Name of the Section  Questions  Marks
 Reasoning and General Intelligence  25  50
 General Awareness  25  50
 Numerical Aptitude  25  50
 English Comprehension  25  50
 Total 100  200

Hence, you need to lay an equal amount of focus on this section. The syllabus of SSC CGL Reasoning Section is quite massive but with proper planning and selective learning, you can easily crack SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam. The Reasoning Section can be distinctly divided into 3 parts.

  1. Usual Reasoning
  2. Visual /Non-Verbal Reasoning
  3. High-Level Reasoning

Questions based on usual reasoning are highest, followed by Visual/ Non-Verbal and High-Level Reasoning. Here is the topic-wise analysis of SSC CGL 2015 Reasoning and General Intelligence Section.

Usual Reasoning: The topics under this category are Series (Numeric and Alphabetic), Directions, Ranks, Arrangement, Alphabet & Dictionary, Coding Decoding, Analogy and Classification/Odd Pair.

 Name of the Reasoning Topic  Number of Questions
Series – Numeric, Alphabetic  5
 Directions  3
 Ranks  1
 Arrangement  1
 Alphabet & Dictionary  4
 Coding Decoding  5
 Analogy  5
 Classification/Odd Pair  6
 Total  30

Visual/ Non-Verbal Reasoning: The topics under this category are Rule Detection, Triangle, Dices, Figure Formation, Completion of Pattern, Hidden/Embedded, Images, Paper Folding , Mirror Image and Figure Matrix. 

 Name of the Reasoning Topic  Number of Questions
Rule Detection  5
 Triangle  2
 Dices  1
 Figure Formation  3
 Completion of Pattern  2
 Hidden/Embedded Images  1
 Paper Folding  1
 Mirror Image  1
 Figure Matrix  1
 Total  17

High Level Reasoning: The topics under this category are Syllogisms and Statement Conclusion. 

 Name of the Reasoning Topic  Number of Questions
 Syllogism  1
 Statement Conclusion  2
 Total  3

Hence, to sum up, the total number of questions asked from Reasoning and General Intelligence from each section are as follows.

 Usual Reasoning 30
 Visual /Non-Verbal Reasoning 17
 High Level Reasoning 3
 Total  50

Drawing conclusions from this data, we have created an expected list with number of questions from each topic in Reasoning Section of SSC CGL 2016.

 Name of the Reasoning Topic Expected Number of Questions 
 Completion of Pattern, Hidden/Embedded Images, Paper Folding, Mirror  Image, Figure Matrix, Syllogism, Statement-Derivation, Triangle, ,  Arrangement and Conclusion 1-2
 Directions and Figure Formation  3-4
 Series, Alphabet & Dictionary, Coding Decoding, Analogy,  Classification/Odd Pair and Rule Detection, Dices, Ranks  5-7
 Total   25

Our insights on the upcoming SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination for Reasoning Section are as follows.

  1. Approximately 60% of Reasoning Ability Section will consist of usual reasoning and General Reasoning questions.
  2. Unlike bank and other Government Recruitment, a good number of Non-Verbal Reasoning Questions will also be there. 

You need to prepare for SSC CGL 2016 according to the preference and importance of the topics. Only then will you be able to score better and crack SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination (Tier-I).

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 How to Prepare for Reasoning Ability for SSC CGL 2016

There needs to be a study plan. Without one, you cannot expect to crack SSC CGL Tier 1 Examination. First, revisit and exam pattern and syllabus of SSC CGL 2016.


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One you are familiar with all the basic details, you can start following this exam strategy on how to prepare for Reasoning Ability in SSC CGL 2016. These key points will help you achieve better score in Tier 1 Written Examination of SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam.

1. Create a Priority List

You need a list. As we have provided both previous years and this years data on the number of questions and types of questions asked in Reasoning Section, you can make a list of the crucial topics and start solving questions based on those.

2. Initially, Concentrate on Concepts  

Yes, speed plays an extremely important role in SSC CGL Examination. But what if you are new to the concept altogether? You need to understand the basics first. Speed and Accuracy gets built over time and you need to practice a lot first.

3. Quantitative Topics in Reasoning and General Intelligence 

There are a few topics, like Alphabet, Dictionary, Coding & Decoding, Analogy, Classification/Odd Pair, Rule Detection and Series which employ concepts of Quantitative Aptitude. These questions are highly competitive and require a good amount of practice to solve. Hence, you need to allot a little extra time to these questions.

4. Enhance your Vocabulary

Questions based on Reasoning and General Intelligence are known to be quite manipulative and confusing in terms of language. To understand the questions better, you need to work on building your vocabulary too. This will also help in the English Section of SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam.

5. Special Attention towards Coding Decoding Questions

Yes, you need to work extra for Coding Decoding Questions. The number of questions from this topic just keep on climbing every year and you can easily crack these questions, provided you have practised them enough.

6. Previous Years Questions Papers

This pointer goes without saying. You cannot secure a good score in this years’ SSC CGL Examination if you are not familiar with the level of questions asked in last years exam. Hence, try solving those questions first and then go for mock tests and practice papers for SSC CGL 2016.

7. Analyse your Performance Regularly 

All your efforts, preparation and study tips will amount to nothing if you haven’t revised them regularly. Analysing and Examining your performance helps you know which areas you need to work upon. Hence, make sure you mark your level of preparation in a performance sheet and understand how much effort you need to put in further.

This is our study plan on How to Prepare for Reasoning and General Intelligence for SSC CGL 2016. Our next articles will be focussed on Quantitative Aptitude, English Language and Numerical Ability. Let us know your doubts or queries in the comments section below.

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